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    KJW M4

    We got STANAG mags in the box with our recently bought Version 2 CQBRs, while the Version 2 M4A1s still had Thermolds. Comparing them, the STANAGs are a lot heavier than the Thermolds, significantly enough that I actually prefer to run the Thermolds despite the bulkiness. If you've felt the heft of WE and WA STANAGs, they are closer to the WA in weight. Otherwise they seem to operate the same as the Thermolds in general. Willing to post more impressions when we have more time to compare them.
  2. Retiring a couple of my old blasters, thought I'd memorialize them on this thread. JG MOE by ctoverwatch, on Flickr A Jing Gong M4A1 GBBR. It was fun while the bolt catch lasted. Still works actually, on AGM mags only. VLTOR Defender by ctoverwatch, on Flickr A custom build, made out of just about every mid to low end WA-compatible parts maker you can think of. Which is probably why I could never get it to skirmishable level. :|
  3. We have contemplated welding the pieces together but haven't actually tried that out!
  4. MrM60, that is an impressive round count! Keep in mind though that our biggest issues are not with the ability of the gun to keep firing, but with the body wobble and screw shearing problems. These really come up when you've handled it as roughly as we did in the field. Similar guns, notably the A&K M249, are able to suffer more abuse without having the integrity of the body compromised.
  5. Happy new year to all (again)! After some confusion and mishandling on our part that led to me getting banned (whoops!), we can now share with you our last video for 2009, an HD video review of the A&K Mk43 Mod 0. The video transcript follows after the link. We hope you all enjoy our little video. Thanks again to Marlowe and the forum admins for their consideration allowing us back on the forums! Video Transcript Hello and welcome to PinoyAirsoft Evolution 5. Tonight, it's all about heavy metal and plastic rain as we look at the A&K Mk 43 Mod 0 Slash
  6. Happy new year to all! <Shameless, rule-breaking and reposted self-promotion removed - Marlowe> We wanted to prioritize pushing out this video for everyone before 2009 ended, so apologies for not posting a full textual transcript of the review at this time. It's in the works in between us rebuilding our site after one nasty spell of data loss, which has kept us quite busy.
  7. Fantastic, hope JG make RIS'd out options as well. The plastic bodied ones are indeed in short supply even here.
  8. This has reeeally been bothering me, teetee, and so far nobody else has asked: Why put a backup front sight on top of a flipup front sight gas block? Sure the MBUS F is lightweight, but still...
  9. Nice builds! I was down on the MOE grip but it actually looks good in black. Might rethink my plans for an FDE themed JG build now.
  10. @j3T Incidentally that's what I had in mind if I had all the funds today to change up my JG GBBR. You've made me think twice and saved me a ton of change.
  11. @Ion Sorry to hear that. I shot some 300 rounds through it total today alternating between semi and full auto, on green gas, and the bolt catch worked without a hitch on semi but consistently failed to stop the bolt on full auto. Perhaps you've been shooting it on full auto all this time? I also realized my green gas bottle is to blame for all the times it failed to fire full auto. It wasn't filling up the mag as much as I thought it was due to a severe leak that I thought was just the seal on the mag but was instead a leak on the can itself. Whenever I made sure to load it with a lot
  12. @Ion does it still lock back when you charge it on an empty mag? Mine still does most of the time.
  13. Shot with green and 134A today. First shot on green, since the mag was already loaded with it from days before. I started on semi. Recoil was good, shots placed downrange consistently. After about 15 rounds switched to auto, but was expecting the gun not to cycle. To my surprise it cycled and cycled and cycled! Until I ran out of gas and cycling slowed down to the point that BBs were no longer getting fed. Charging it would allow me to get a couple more shots out. Gas completely gone, I switched to 134a. I started on semi. Recoil was noticeably weaker and the bolt was less
  14. @sear The material is sturdy enough for starters, but it is still plastic and only millimeters thick, so gotta be careful when pushing the metal pins in by force. Keep checking everything is aligned and you should be fine. I've broken supposedly sturdier Marui plastic receivers by being a hasty dumbass, so it's really more about how careful you are working with it. BTW, front pin removed, no issue cracking the retaining pin housing. As long as you tap it carefully and don't accidentally take a hammer to the receiver you should be fine, at least until you start to want a metal body for it.
  15. Did you have any problems getting the front receiver pin out? Looks like you managed it without cracking the lower either. It's in tighter than the rear receiver pin so I suppose it might be easy to force out too hard.
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