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  1. if you read this you're a TK'er

  2. Phew, Guys, please keep the discussion reasonably on-topic. I just had to go back and read some of SuperKingBigNuts'posts to find out what all the fuss was about and, frankly, it gave me a head-ache. If I have to deal with any more posts of the same quality I'll probably just put him out of my misery by suspending him until he learns how to spell properly and we don't want that, do we?
  3. Lovely pic's but I tend to be more interested in the practical side of things so I was kinda wondering how you operate that pressure switch when you're holding onto the AFG?
  4. Coincidentally, the flying pig makes a return... My JLS F2000 which I took to bits last christmas to make a few minor alterations to and I just got around to rebuilding it, along with a nice new OD paint job. I wanted to put a new flash-hider on it (which I haven't yet done) and one thing led to another and I ended up fitting an M16 outer barrel to it, just to give me a 14mm -ve thread on the muzzle. Chopped the receiver about a bit. Opened up the ejector port (and then glued a lump of aluminium plate in behind the opening) and carved up the front in order to make it a m
  5. Quick heads-up for people, before this thread really gets rolling... Please post your P90 and SCAR pic's in their specific threads rather than here. It makes it much easier if people looking for pic's of FAL's, F2000 and whatever else don't also have to wade through squillions of pictures of P90s and SCARs here when they already have their own threads. Thanks.
  6. Cos these guns are like a bad rash all over the FN picture thread I figure they can have a thread to themselves.
  7. Stealthbomber


    I'm pretty sure most people position their scope for optimal eye relief rather than to make the gun look cool.
  8. Just to add, it's not just that we're worried about deliberate scammers. We enacted the 100 post rule because we were getting heaps of people joining the forums and then offering fake rolex watches or dodgy Nike trainers for sale. It's not that we assume new members are scammers. The rule prevents all sorts of dodgy eBay cast-offs getting flogged here.
  9. I value my eyesight at about £3 for the Arco safety glasses I wear at work. It's not safety that's expensive. It's pose value. I'm really not sure what the point is but there's wrong when you can buy perfectly adequate eyepro for under a fiver and yet walting on the cheap can risk your eyesight.
  10. Are they? The last Guarder glasses I bought (and they were the last ones I bought, if you see what I mean) had a slip of paper in the bottom of the box saying "This is a novelty item only and should not be used as eye protection". So, given that it's entirely possible that you WILL receive multiple hits during a skirmish, I assume you'd never use your Oakleys for skirmishes? Never sure about Oakley stuff. Everybody (including Oakley) seems to claim the lenses are impact rated but, AFAIK, part of the rating system insists that any rated lense MUST actually be marked with the rating
  11. Just to add some random thoughts... Back when I used to lasertag we had issues like this. The problem there was that the games were "scripted" to suit one team and the other team were, basically, just "bit players" for the other side to take shots at. Sure, you'd be given objectives and specific tasks but you weren't actually supposed to win. You were supposed to fit in with the overall script. Quite often, as a result of playing a bit too competitively, the organisers would have to kill a bunch of us off with "chemical weapons" or a "minfield" or whatever else they could think of.
  12. Love you Stealth - you're the king of cool.

  13. What you've been is busted for having a duplicate account.
  14. Translation: "I don't think the issues you mentioned are as big a deal as you're suggesting. I think this because...." I dunno if all the cool kids on your regular forum think it's clever to simply belittle other peoples opinions but around here we prefer a less antagonistic approach AND it really helps if you can support your own opinion with facts rather than just sarcastic comments. We clear?
  15. Slightly bemused by new forums.

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