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  1. Didn't you see Jaws? You know people don't react to stuff like this in a logical way.
  2. Nup. I forget what actually happened but at some event that involved Anglo-German cooperation Damon Hill famously made a comment about how "we're all germans cos the Queen is", at which point everybody within earshot probably rolled their eyes or face-palmed.
  3. Well, the royal family is of German descent so I guess we're all effectively Germans these days. Forums cookie to anybody who gets the obscure reference.
  4. Coincidentally, the flying pig makes a return... My JLS F2000 which I took to bits last christmas to make a few minor alterations to and I just got around to rebuilding it, along with a nice new OD paint job. I wanted to put a new flash-hider on it (which I haven't yet done) and one thing led to another and I ended up fitting an M16 outer barrel to it, just to give me a 14mm -ve thread on the muzzle. Chopped the receiver about a bit. Opened up the ejector port (and then glued a lump of aluminium plate in behind the opening) and carved up the front in order to make it a m
  5. Start leaving lumps of burned tinfoil around the house.
  6. I have an even better idea. Scorch starts a thread entitled "Get my mate to buy stupid stuff" and we all make suggestions for the dumbest thing we can possibly find. Scorch wins forum cookies for every item he manages to get his buddy to buy and, after a couple of months, he can show his buddy the thread. That should cure him. I'd like to open the bidding by suggesting one of those Chey-tac sniper rifles or, possibly, an Academy L85.
  7. My normal purchase from KFC is 8 hot-wings and one or two bits of chicken. All I eat of the chicken is the skin. My dogs get the rest of it. I'd live off hot-wings if I could though.
  8. With the benefit of hindsight, I suppose the thing to have done would be to get short term insurance (maybe 1 month) on the vehicle until the registration was sorted? Alas, I guess that only becomes apparent now, once you realise how the DVLA are dragging their heels with the registration.
  9. Quick heads-up for people, before this thread really gets rolling... Please post your P90 and SCAR pic's in their specific threads rather than here. It makes it much easier if people looking for pic's of FAL's, F2000 and whatever else don't also have to wade through squillions of pictures of P90s and SCARs here when they already have their own threads. Thanks.
  10. Cos these guns are like a bad rash all over the FN picture thread I figure they can have a thread to themselves.
  11. Stealthbomber


    I'm pretty sure most people position their scope for optimal eye relief rather than to make the gun look cool.
  12. With regard to misuse of public funds... I was just watching the "Tricia" show on telly and some slapper comes on to tell us all about why she's so desperate to get a boob job. She explains how she is/was planning on signing up for a college course so she could use the grant money (it seems you can still get a grant for housing etc, as opposed to the more usual student loan) to get a boob job and then chuck the college course. Amazing!
  13. Well, take consolation that Karma will usually sort this kind of thing out in the end. I once got done for doing 64mph in a 60 zone. Ironically, the cameras didn't trigger until you pass them at 69mph but another car was overtaking me at the time and he triggered the camera but didn't get done cos my car was obscuring his number plate in the 2nd picture. The cops used the stripes on the road to figure out that I was speeding as well and nicked me for it. A few months later I was working nights and was asked to stop by the office after my shift. I rolled up at about 6:30am, everybody
  14. Just to add, it's not just that we're worried about deliberate scammers. We enacted the 100 post rule because we were getting heaps of people joining the forums and then offering fake rolex watches or dodgy Nike trainers for sale. It's not that we assume new members are scammers. The rule prevents all sorts of dodgy eBay cast-offs getting flogged here.
  15. We have a spaniel who waits until we're asleep and then sticks her nose under the bottom of the duvet and then sneaks up onto the bed under the duvet. It's actually kinda nice, in winter at least, cos she acts like a hot water bottle. Only problem is, if we go away anywhere it can be a bit of a shock for whoever's looking after the dogs when they go to bed and then get woken up by a spaniel trying to get into bed with them! The labrador isn't so bad. As long as she has a couch to sleep on she's fine. Gratuitous dog pictures:-
  16. You sure? I recall watching the footage of Dan Quayle watching a kid write "Potato" on a blackboard and then stepping in to "correct" him by adding the "e" on the end. Don't recall hearing of anybody else doing the same thing. Can't find a link to anything on google either.
  17. Well, TBH, I did a bit of googling and found a few websites that provide pub-quiz questions and this one came up a few times. Another one that I remember was something like "What Oscar-winning 1950s movie featured an item that shouldn't have been there?" I mean, FFS, how many "right" answers to that can there be? How many times have you watched a cowboy movie and seen leccy pylons in the background or con-trails from jets? I googled that exact question and several pub-quiz websites refer to Charlton Heston wearing a watch in Ben Hur (something which Heston refutes, saying it was a
  18. As you grow older you'll realise there's even more to it than that. I find that there's basically two kinds of people. Whiners and non-whiners. Whiners moan about everything. The moan when they get an aisle seat on a plane. They moan when they get a window seat and boy do they moan when they get a middle seat. Where the f**k do they want to sit? On the roof? They moan when they get ham sandwiches, moan when they get cheese sandwiches and moan when they get told they can make their own sandwiches and put whatever they like on them. They moan when they're given new safety gear and moa
  19. Chemistry. Chemistry qualifies as a rant in it's own right for me. I just don't get chemistry at all. Oddly enough, I learned quite a bit about it in my career but at school I just couldn't grasp it at all. I took it as an O-level but that was cos of the way our sylabus (sp?) was designed. I forget how it happened but I was left with the choice of Geography or Chemistry and I'd already signed up for Geography in preference to some other class so I was left to take chemistry by accident. The teacher was pretty weird though. A charming gentleman by the name of Mr Beagle who used t
  20. My high school was a bit weird. I was part of a group of kids who were seen as "rebels" or "drop-outs" but, bizarrely, we were usually did better, academically, than almost everybody else. With hindsight, I think the school was staffed by a bunch of rather poor teachers and they couldn't deal with bright kids who got bored while they tried to force the nuggets to pay attention. One of my best mates was considered "dumb" because his writing was really, really, bad. I dunno if there's a term for this but it was obvious (to us, at least) that he was just as smart as everybody else but the
  21. No worries, fella. I was just using your post to bounce a related experience of my own off of.
  22. One of the most important lessons I learned at school was how hypocrisy works. While at school in the 1970's one of my teachers (a guy who had a ponytail and wore rose-tinted spectacless and a scarf all the time) who, with hindsight, must have been something of a deadbeat, ended up so broke that he moved in with the family of a kid in my class. It turned out that the kid had a cat which used to crawl into the bed with him at night. The teacher, apparently, discovered this one morning while "helping" the kid get up for school. So, one day, while our physics teacher was off sick and
  23. I had a similar thing the other day... Numpty: "Hello, I'm phoning to share with you an opportunity to take advantage of a variety of services which can dramatically reduce...." Me: "Hi, I'm kinda busy so can you just tell me what you're selling please?" Numpty: "It's an opportunity to take advantage of a variety of services...." Me: "Okay, if you put down the script and just tell me what you're selling I'll listen to you, okay?" Numpty: "Hello, I'm phoning to share with you an..." Me: "Bye!" Also, I enjoy taunting the bank when they phone. Bank: "Hello, is that Mr Stealthbomb
  24. I value my eyesight at about £3 for the Arco safety glasses I wear at work. It's not safety that's expensive. It's pose value. I'm really not sure what the point is but there's wrong when you can buy perfectly adequate eyepro for under a fiver and yet walting on the cheap can risk your eyesight.
  25. Are they? The last Guarder glasses I bought (and they were the last ones I bought, if you see what I mean) had a slip of paper in the bottom of the box saying "This is a novelty item only and should not be used as eye protection". So, given that it's entirely possible that you WILL receive multiple hits during a skirmish, I assume you'd never use your Oakleys for skirmishes? Never sure about Oakley stuff. Everybody (including Oakley) seems to claim the lenses are impact rated but, AFAIK, part of the rating system insists that any rated lense MUST actually be marked with the rating
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