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  1. You know, the only comment I was going to make was to say don't kill off cartoon-Arnie. Glad to hear that's already in hand. Beyond that, I like the lighter feel of the page. It is a bit odd having the links on the right but I can live with it. You know that the other pages in the main site still have the old look, right? I mean, if I click "projects" or "reviews" it's still the old style.
  2. Personally, I took a quick look at the auction forum-thing and then never bothered again. Auctions are fickle at the best of times and, when you mix in the sometimes, erm.. volatile, nature of airsoft forum users, I reckon the whole thing would become a recipe for disaster. Beyond that, I can't really see why an auction couldn't be carried out under the current system. Surely it's possible to post an item for sale and invite offers for 7 days, at which time the item will be sold to the highest bidder? If Arnies changes over completely to auctions then I suspect that most UK airso
  3. I recall, a while back (before you had to be a member to view the forums), Arnie said he wasn't going to bother to update the format for the sales forums because the VCRB would soon put an end to most of the sales anyway. So..... Having achieved an excemption from the VCRB, is it about time somebody had a look at updating the sales forums? The sales forums on ASCUK are MUCH better laid out, with seperate secions for AEGS, gas and kit. Given that it now isn't a waste of time, perhaps it's now worth updating arnies sales forums?
  4. Good on ya for fitting it the "wrong" way upso it can be adjusted with your left hand but you should have got a lower mount IMO.
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