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  1. Erm, it's on it's way. Honest. Incidentally I stuck in a free gift too, given what you were asking about when you bought it.
  2. I blame Paypal but, possibly, for a different reason. I think a lot of people place orders for stuff and then, when it doesn't show up, they immediately start a paypal dispute. Once this happens I figure most sellers immediately think "Well, sod that. I'm not sending the item now" and that's what causes the fuss to kick off. I guess EBB is the most obvious example of this. I admit I usually buy pretty mundane stuff from them but I've never had a real problem. Every time I order from them it's always the same thing... You order, you wait, you send a stroppy email, part of your
  3. Indeed. Frankly, I'd be all for adopting ThaFlash's idea and not counting anything rail-mounted towards the cost. After all, who wants to see a $20 LPEG with a PVS14 bolted to it? Seriously, the idea of this thread (to me at least) is to show of super high quality builds. Not just showcase who can write the biggest cheques.
  4. TBH, I think most people on learner bikes actually enjoy having "proper" bikers showing off for them. It makes them think "Yeah! That's gonna be me one day". Least, that's the way it made me feel. What I DON'T like is when bikers act like w*nkers and refuse to wave at learners etc. Geez, fella's. We were all learners once. There's few enough bikers on the roads these days that we really can't afford to alienate the next generation so much that they decide to bugger off and buy a Saxo instead. S'funny but I think Ducati owners relate to learners more than most other bikers cos,
  5. Whenever I'm on my bike I always try to sneak up on learners (not always easy on a Ducati) then, when I get reeeaaalllly close behind, I'll give it the berries in 2nd and scare the bejeesus out of them. I figure it causes jealousy and helps them focus on passing their test.
  6. Yes, It's far better stop traffic on a busy dual carriageway so that a dozen people can get out of their houses in the morning. That makes so much more sense. By all means, build the new estates but I just wish that contractors would accept the full responsibility for their actions by building proper under/overpasses and slip-roads to attach them to the road network rather than just taking the cheapest solution which will bugger up the roads for thousands of people every day. On a related note, it always saddens me to see a person sat on a side road stubbornly waiting to turn rig
  7. Is he really all pixelated and blurry? Seriously, WHY do people take cr*ppy quality pictures at stonking resolutions??? I bet if that picture was taken at 800 x 600 resolution it would look ten times better. It'd still be terrible quality but at least it wouldn't be so obvious.
  8. On that note, I have another one... Building contractors buy some random lump of mud on the side of a dual-carriageway and then develop it in "luxury accomodation", people buy the houses and then realise they can't turn right onto the carriageway so they campaign, on the basis of "road safety" that they need a proper intersection putting in (complete with traffic lights and a pedestrain crossing so their offspring have safe access to the deserted land on the opposite side of the road) which then creates gridlock on the dual-carriageway every morning so that half a dozen people can get out
  9. I've driven around London and I know people drive really aggressively but they seem to be competent drivers, for the most part. Aberdeen is a strange town. It's as if somebody's taken a "Ma and Pa Kettle" type town and then given everybody a fast car. Everybody drives like they just traded their horse in for a car but they all do it really really fast and really really aggresively. I've spoken to locals about it and a lot of them agree. I found that, after a year working in Aberdeen, I found myself driving like a b*stard when I got home because I was so used to driving that way
  10. Haha! I've often had EXACTLY the same thought while driving up and down Anderson Drive. There's a roundabout every 500m and every bloody one has pedestrian crossings on it. Every time the crossing lights up it means cars already ON the roundabout are forced to stop which means that other cars crossing the roundabout (not taking the exit where the pedestrian is) can't get past. Instant gridlock! Pro-tip for town planners: Put pedestrian crossings AWAY from road junctions.
  11. Heh, don't get me started about roundabouts. The best part is that, if you ever talk to anybody guilty of misusing lanes, they'll usually say "Yeah, I stay on the outside on roundabouts cos whenever I use the inside lanes I always get cut up and then I can't get across to my exit". Yes, that must be awful for you! And it's other f**kers doing EXACTLY what you're doing that cause this problem for you! Only time I've ever stopped somebody was over something similar. I was turning right at a roundabout (in the right-hand lane) and some nobber in a Rover was in the left-hand lane.
  12. Thing is, for ultimate irony, they're usually stuck in the window of a vehicle only marginally smaller than a Challenger tank. Aceofskulls is right though. I count those signs as a warning. It means the driver is most likely going to be too preoccupied with stopping Tarquin and Tristran from fighting over who owns which Star Wars action figure, coaching little Fifibelle about her book report on "Of mice and men" or wiping sick off the velour seats to really be paying attention to driving. Recently I was out on my bike, pootling through town, when somebody in a Range Rover loaded
  13. Whenever you're feeling down about the whole "dating" thing, remember: it could be much worse. You could have married her.
  14. I hardly think a gun qualifies if you need to take into account parts that you fitted then subsequently replaced again.
  15. TBH, I burned the front of mine with a blowlamp and then laquered it [/geek] but I don't really want to post pictures of that cos I'm not sure making a gun look realistic, like that, is totally wise idea. Maybe a bit OT but wouldn't the black ones suffer with the same problem too? In that case maybe the nickel ones would be better cos at least you can see how badly they need cleaning? Unless, of course, the black ones don't have the same problem.
  16. I felt the same. I bought a cheap KAC f/h from EBB and just stuck a 6mm bolt all the way through it, tightened a nut onto the back and then stuck it in a drill and attacked it with some 800 grit emery paper then cleaned the paint out of the recesses with a dremel with a wire brush attached. If there's no screw then obviously what I said doesn't apply. I was responding to what lambolurker was talking about.
  17. To address the chain of posts that led to this, if your f/h is held on by a grub screw then you definitely DO NOT want to simply removing using force with a wrench. At best you'll chew up the 14mm thread on the muzzle and, at worst, you'll bend or snap something. If somebody's damaged the head of the grub screw so it can't be removed you can try drilling it out but, frankly, it's likely that the grub screw will be the hardest metal anywhere on your gun. In that case I'd accept that the f/h is "sacrificial" and just attack the grub screw with a dremel cutting disk, cut several slots th
  18. Just to remind people that we prefer it if you actually POST reviews here rather than simply linking to reviews posted elsewhere. We try to be as lenient as possible but, let's face it, linking to a review on another airsoft forum is taking the mickey a bit. Obviously, reviews posted on Youtube are slightly different since Arnies has no video hosting facilities although it wouldn't kill you to embed the video rather than just post a link to it. Also, there's an "E" on the end of the word "Torque". It's right there on the side of the motor. It doesn't say much for the review when
  19. I vaguely recall mentioning this before... If Arnie gets the urge, it'd probably be best if the website page is changed so it simply redirects people to the forum FAQs about IRC rather than having the info shown on the actual website.
  20. I gotta say, I hate dragging this off topic so much. I don't want to make it sound like I think a lot of asians are either simpering women or chauvanistic men. I know there's a lot of younger asian families who're buying into the whole "western" thing purely in order to avoid having daughters who're raised in a subservient way. Bear in mind that this all stems from millenia of tradition that assumes women are "less useful" than men. If a couple had a female daughter they knew that someday the daughter would be married and eventually clear off to live with her husband and then da
  21. Please yourself. You should probably look into asian traditions a little more though. Asian women are pretty-much trained from birth to be submissive/subservient to men. It's just the way their societies are. Now, fair play to any asian lass who does have the "balls" to stand on her own two feet but I'm sure that most would tell you that the vast majority of japanese/chinese/thai/malaysian/vietnamese girls expect to be submissive to a husband and they expect to be looked after. *EDIT* Also, I gotta ask... I've told you what my opinion is based on. What
  22. I disagree. I happen to be part of a community of people who spend a lot of their time working abroad. It's a well-recognised fact amongst that community that asian WAGs are more whiney. There's more chance of an asian wife phoning their man because there's a spider in the bath than there is of a british wife phoning because the house has burned down. This is a kinda prickley subject but, hey, you asked. Trouble is that asian women might well grow up all independant and savvy and tough but when they marry a western guy a lot of them seem to assume the guy is going to look af
  23. Stupid assumptions with no factual basis. I know a lot of guys who're married to asian women and they continually have to field phone-calls asking about, well, pretty-much everything. Have your wages gone into the bank yet? What's that £500 withdrawal from the account? There's a tap leaking in the bathroom. have you called a plumber? There's a bulb blown in the living room. How do I fix it? have you applied for a new car tax disk? Did you pay the phone bill? Obviously this is because I'm a westerner. When asian chicks latch on to a westerner they are usually looking for security
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