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  1. Not quite. 1970s jap cars were seriously poorly made. Jap's didn't understand what sort of steel was needed to survive European winters and the cars rotted away in minutes. Also, they always felt that form was more important than function and, as a result, most of them had badly underpowered engines. They hit on a couple of "classic" designs but for every 240Z there were thousands of total sh*tboxes on wheels. That's what I figured it was. It's not just a coincidence though, IMO. There's a lot of styling cues taken straight from a 1970s Datsun so I assume it was bui
  2. Here we go.... Seperated at birth? http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y284/mean...10/IMG_4607.jpg http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3257/248377...cf4f7d8.jpg?v=0
  3. That estate car looks like an old Datsun to me and asian chicks are too needy.
  4. Y'think these two posts might be connected?
  5. Can't see the need for a picture thread devoted to what is, basically, simply another AR15. What's wrong with starting a thread in the Projects section instead?
  6. Didn't see this until now. Congrat's to Gadge. Nice to have him on board. Here's a guy who clearly really knows his stuff with regard to the whole WW2 thing and produced some of the only articles that I ever felt made AI worth taking into the loo with me.
  7. Right ho. That's fair enough. I hope others take note that leaping into something that's none of your business only serves to confuse and inflame things.
  8. FWIW, I got bored the other day and chopped up the front of my F2000 to try and fit a fake () gas block in there. In the process I've already fitted a proper outer barrel into the receiver and am currently in the process of butchering an M4 front sight to build the actual gas block. I've also figured out a way to make fire-selector work like a P90 but I dunno if I will bother doing that straight away. Anyway, I'll post pic's in a couple of days, hopefully. *EDIT* Just to address this... I just want to say, yeah. It DOES matter. I don't think it's fair or polite to l
  9. Oh, so you don't like the idea of authentic trademarks? That's a first. How's that work? Is it okay to put Colt or H&K or other brand names on a gun that isn't actually made by them? Would you rather the fake gas adjuster was removed from an airsoft M249? Must be a helluva grey area for you there. Fact is that the majority of airsoft products contain some feature that are fake or incorrect or non-functional and I don't see our buddy going around making demeaning comments about all of them. THAT is why I pulled him about his comments in this specific thread.
  10. How exactly does that qualify as "epic fail"? You have the same problem with all the MP5s that feature burst markings on the grip or, maybe with the SR25s, G3s, SL8s and SL9s that all feature no auto marking at all when the gun will actually fire in auto? Geez, if slightly dodgy markings are "epic fail" it must be eating you up inside that these guns have a forward-assist knob that does nothing and it must be killing you to look at that fake bolt catch right there next to those "epic fail" trademarks. Or maybe there's something else going on here?
  11. Meh, lightweight.... I enjoy it when a smug little brat starts whining or howling at an inopportune moment. Simply tell them that their parents are actually aliens who breed children to eat when they turn [insert childs age at next birthday]. That never gets old.
  12. There's no such thing as gear timing. The reason your gun shoots bursts in semi is because the trigger cut-off lever isn't working properly. This, in turn, is because the trigger contacts are rather halfassed and the cut-off lever sometimes fails to dislodge them after a single shot. As you shoot the gun it causes vibration and this will, after a couple of shots, dislodge the trigger contacts. G&G/Army L85s are very sensitive to changes. If I shoot mine on a 9.6v battery the gun rarely fires in semi. If, however, I shoot it with an 8.4v battery semi works almost perfectly
  13. A PSG1 only shoots in semi. The first couple of shots from any AEG, especially with a marginal battery, will be slower than subsequent ones. You can check this for yourself by recording bursts of fire and reviewing the sound with suitable software. What was probably happening with the G&G L85 was that the first couple of shots were fine but shooting a burst would result in damage as the speed of the gears picks up slightly. Anecdotal evidence seems to support this. I've met several people who bought a G&G L85 and claim to shoot mostly in semi with no problems. Later o
  14. Point is that these guns DO NOT damage pistons simply cos the pistons are poor quality. They damage pistons because the gears spin around before the piston has completed it's cycle and, as a result, the sector gear ends up smashing the first one or two teeth off the piston. Replacing the piston does nothing to stop the problem happening. The simplest way to stop the problem is to run the gun with 7.2v batteries. This slows the gear speed down so the sector gear doesn't spin fast enough to catch the piston while it's still moving. The rather sneaky way that G&G got around t
  15. Oooh, an 19 tooth piston with metal teeth? I believe it will make people damage gears instead of pistons and, once they've damaged their original gears, they'll be FORCED to use a 16 tooth piston because they won't be able to find replacement G&G-style gears.
  16. There are very few "cheap" upgrade parts for the Maruzen Type 96 / Warrior 1 / Well L96 / UTG L96. Most of the stuff you need to upgrade any of the above L96s will be parts designed (and priced) to suit the original Maruzen Type 96. As such, it's just a case of sniffing around retailers such as WGC and looking for suitable parts. A new trigger block should be top of your list, followed by a new hop up and then cylinder/piston upgrades. The only relatively cheap upgrade available is the hop-up sold by Hexagon Products. It's alright and certainly better than the unit sold by PDI.
  17. Back when I had my landie it was fitted with Colway tyres with treads big enough to swallow whole rabbits. On motorways it used to make a loud "ZZZZZzzzzzzzz" noise which was, of course, drowned out by all the other noises a landie makes at speeds greater than 10mph. I suspect that most Chelsea Tractors are fitted with road-biased tyres in order to minimise disturbance during telephone calls or spoil todays episode of The Archers on the way home from The City.
  18. We all live and learn. Top tip: if you strip an allen screw you can often repair it by using a hammer to CAREFULLY flatten the head slightly. The idea is that the allen screw will distort outwards and by tapping the front face of it you can kinda squeeze it back into shape by tapping on it. If this works the smart thing to do is replace the screw once you've removed it rather than using it again. currently you can buy sets of flat-headed drifts to use for knocking pins out of GBB M4s. These also come in handy for bashing on allen screws that're in hard to get to places.
  19. I recently had this dilemma myself. I prefer the way my ICS M4 looks with a 7" DD rail on it and the original foresight assembly. Thing is, there's always the chance you'll want to fit something to the top rail which needs to slide on. The OEM foresight makes this almost (I guess you could slide it on from the back of the receiver and work it all the way to the front of the rail - if everything is lined up right) impossible so it had to go. I replaced it with a VLTOR front sight.
  20. Couldn't help noticing, at around 0:28 into part 3 of that video you show the view of the gearbox through the opened buttstock. In that shot the gearbox is clearly leant over to the left. What's that all about? Seems like this is gonna make for a lousy air seal between the nozzle and the hop-up. Also, yeah. No need for all the arguing. It's clear the OP isn't totally at ease with tools but there's plenty of stuff in there that wasn't caused by mis-use of tools. Having said that, I did laugh at all the stuff related to the stripped allen screw. The OP removed the foreg
  21. Yes, you are. BBR was trolling and I posted to ask/tell him to pack it in and no further action was taken against BBR. 2 known trouble-makers posted to debate the issue and were suspended in order to minimise further derailment of the thread. Further off-topic posting resulted in the thread being closed. I think you've made your opinion perfectly clear and, given that we're now repeating ourselves, it seems there's little else to add.
  22. Firstly, there WAS no misunderstanding because, secondly, I didn't issue any formal warning. The comment I made WAS the total extent of any punitive action. If you need an analogy, it's like receiving a b*llocking from a cop rather than getting a speeding ticket.
  23. In general, it's usually better to control warning points manually simply because it gives us more flexibility. Pretty much whenever I look at a thread I will check the warning points of any member I'm not familiar with. If it turns out that the person has old WPs for selling >1J guns or for discussing >1J guns or any other reason that is now obsolete I will remove them all at the same time. Alternatively, if a person starts off here with a poor attitude and runs up several warnings they might also be deleted all at the same time once it becomes apparent the person has relaxe
  24. Erm, I'm making the same face now. The problem, IMO, is that because we try and act in an informal manner as often as possible a lot of people, including yourself, seem to feel shocked and victimised when we DO insist on the cooperation of forum members. Again, on the basis of their past history, the two members in question were dealt with in a way designed to minimise further disruption of the forums. When that failed the thread was closed in preference to simply suspending further people.
  25. I'm not. MCXL mentioned it and it reminded me of another example of a time when Titleist and Whomper took it upon themselves to attempt to undermine a thread they didn't approve of. That's all there was to it for me. You'd need to ask MXCL why he was discussing it. It demonstrates that we have a relaxed, flexible, approach to infractions.
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