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  1. Definitely. Be aware, however, that different magazines cause the bolt catch to operate differently. The main thing that'd improve the way the bolt catch works would be to figure out a design that works more positively but, at the same time, is more sensitive. Basically, if you can make it work from the AGM mag it should work with every other mag out there. I guess a more substantial bolt catch might also be useful but, TBH, the BCG tends to sustain more damage than the catch usually. It's kinda interesting but there's an accidental battle between parts going on all the t
  2. "Shaved down the o-ring"?
  3. I bought the 5KU barrel set from EBB and it came with a little bag of spacers as well. I wonder if they've decided to stop giving them away or maybe you just didn't get them when you should have? Surely THIS is the main thing that needs sorting out before any conclusions can be drawn about performance?
  4. Indeed. I mean, I'm the king of latent airsofting but geez, even if you're gonna stand around smoking tabs it doesn't hurt to move around and look in different directions etc.
  5. Couple of related points:- It did seem as though our hero was a bit heavy on the trigger once he'd got behind the guy. Conversely, what was the guy doing? Waiting for a taxi to arrive and extract him? Geez, if somebody's charging at you at least shoot back or run away! Most importantly, however, as a Member of long-standing, Basho knows better than to insult other forum members directly. That's just not on. *EDIT* I was gonna give Basho warning points for his insults but, meh. It's a bloody good review and the videos were enjoyable to watch so it'd be wrong to p*ss o
  6. In theory, never. The deal is that the MOD issue SUSATs to all combat troops. The only L85s equipped with iron sights should be ones issues to reserves, base or support troops etc. Course, it's possible that a squad of Engineers might come under fire while fixing a road or water pipese etc so there's no guarantees.
  7. Read the thread title. You're not posting pictures, or posting discussion based ON the pictures posted. Anything else is off-topic and, thus, spam. Geez, way to encourage a guy to ignore a request from a site moderator. I have nothing against uscmCorps posting this information in the appropriate place. At the risk of opening up yet another can of worms rather (rather than just doing the whole "robomod" thing)... We (that is, the forum staff) have always had certain reservations about these picture threads because they tend to become cliquey little sub-communities by
  8. Less talk. More pictures. If there are rumours about PTS products worth hearing please post them somewhere that they'll receive the widest audience. Or keep quiet. USCMcorps, the only reason you aren't getting warning points for spam is because, meh.
  9. This thread is for REVIEWS of the Marui SOPMOD M4. Normally it would be okay for it to devolve into general discussion of the item in question but, alas, since it's turned into nothing more than a market stall for one member to tout their unauthorised commercial products, I'm closing it. If anybody has a anything related to this review to post please let me know and I'll re-open it.
  10. We also adapted from walking around on all fours. That doesn't necessarily mean it's still a smart thing to do.
  11. I'm glad I don't live in the USA. I'm too old to spend my time leaping out of the way of SUVs with tinted windows at night.
  12. FYI... I just had a look through all the OPs previous posts going back to mid August and he has no hidden or deleted posts or topics during this period. I must say, I've noticed odd things happen on these forums from time to time. For example, I posted a reply in one thread in the evening and then watched as other peoples replies caused that thread to sink down the page. The following morning I was surprised to see the forum index showing that thread, with my post, as being the most recent reply in the tech forum. I went in and had a look and, sure enough, it showed my reply fr
  13. How'd you know if you've hit anything with those tints? There's probably bits of pedestrians and cyclists tangled up underneath the truck right now.
  14. I've obviously never been to countries such as Dubai or Abu Dhabi or Malaysia or Thailand or Burma where it regularly hits 50c during the day and people fit mirror tints to their windows to keep the sun off during the day and then run over pedestrians at night. Some of the smarter locals will often cut a "letterbox" out of the tint so they can see better at night. As for the IR cameras... are you really suggesting that you'd consider driving by using cameras hooked up to an LCD display on your dash somewhere? What planet are you from? Do they give away driving licenses in boxes of O
  15. I gotta ask... Why would somebody put 5% or 15% tints on all other windows and then put a 50% tint on the windscreen? Surely it'd be simpler just to wear sunglasses or, even better, wear a blindfold when driving at night? You're going to have an accident at night because you can't see where you're going.
  16. And breathe! Don't mean to criticise. Just using your post to reply... Basically, it usually goes like this:- - Somebody makes a comment either noting that there ARE lots of Costaclone© guns around these days OR commenting that it's nice to see something that doesn't look like it was used in a Magpul photoshoot for a change. - A bunch of magpul fanboys will leap to the defence by stating how it's "obvious" that Magpul bits will be common these days because they're so good. Etc. - Internet flame-war ensues. Fact is that, as you say, regardless of the
  17. To be fair, I certainly wouldn't like to suggest people should only buy things that they "need". My only point was more that people justify these purchases by talking about their practical benefits. The superior qualities of the MIAD or UBR are not in question. That, alone, doesn't explain why so many people choose to buy them in Dark Earth or Tan and end up with a gun that looks exactly like Chris Costa's. It's just about honesty and openness. If you like the way something looks then say so. Don't try to justify your Costaclone© on practicality alone. Please don't take of
  18. Okay, I can't resist.... Why don't people buy these funky bits in black? Why is it that people, instead, choose to build 2-tone guns that look identical to the pin-ups? The fact that people build guns in the same colours as Costa Coffee's and even fuss about what mounts he uses so they can get their dual-torch set-up identical to Costa's would suggest that there's more to it than simple ergonomics. It's about fashion too.
  19. Far as I can see it serves the same purpose on a GBBR as it does on a RS rifle.
  20. Over the last couple of days whenever I try to view a persons previous posts I am often getting the "flood control" message. If I click on a persons name in a thread then click on "Find members posts" or "find members topics" I will ALWAYS get the "flood control" message as if I've clicked it twice etc. I've tried this with IE and Chrome with the same results. I've also tried clicking the persons name then waiting for a count of ten before clicking the "find posts" button but it still screws up. It's getting worse though... Now, even when I go into a persons profile and use
  21. I think there's actually a different cause for this... Like every GBB, the hammer pushes the striker forward with each shot and then should move back again slightly afterward. Take a look at the lower receiver with the hammer de-cocked and you can see that there's a gap between the hammer and the hammer spring. That gap is there to allow the hammer to fall back slightly which, in turn, allows the striker to sit in a better position. Try moving the hammer backwards and forwards slightly, without cocking it. You should find that, if you push it forward, it'll stick in the forw
  22. Bit of a random one... I keep reading people talking about only loading a mag with the gun cocked. I've never needed to do that. Take the striker block apart and make sure the striker is completely free to move backwards and forwards. The bottom edge of the striker should be curved. I suspect this will wear with use. Most people seem to report bent gas release valves soon after buying the gun. You can still modify the striker by making the radius bigger and smoother to allow mags to go in easier. Just make sure you don't actually reduce the overall length of the striker. Ju
  23. I don't think you want to be using an AEG barrel nut on a gun that uses the AGM barrel. It'll only be held on by about half a thread. The only time you can use an AEG barrel nut is if you fit a barrel with a thin collar at the rear end.
  24. It was but since only CA guns actually qualify as "Armalites" then AR15 is more descriptive.
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