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  1. You need to be careful with those BAD's. Might be cool for Costa Coffee to use one when he's showing off on the range but if you catch it on your kit during a skirmish you're probably going to snap/bend/knacker something.
  2. Ok, I know we're 4 pages in but I gotta tell ya, there's no such word as "inclimate". Geez, what do they teach kids in school these days? The word is "Inclement". I'll go and change the thread title.
  3. Here's a pic of my Black Lab', Millie, that I took the other night. She usually (yeah, right) sleeps on the floor next to her bed when it's hot. Somebody asked me to take a picture of something on a gun so I went downstairs to do it and this is what I found... *EDIT* You can tell be the blankets covering the leather sofa that we're used to this.
  4. For a hundred bucks a pop, just buy another gun, take what you need and sell the rest for spares.
  5. That's really my point. These should be REVIEW threads. To use the forums properly we SHOULD all be posting technical questions about the item in the tech forum and restricting use of these threads to, perhaps, discussion about what fits where etc. The problem is that these threads become like a black hole. They attract EVERYTHING related to a specific subject and then swallow it up so that nobody can actually see it easily again.
  6. Do they work the bolt catch though?
  7. One thing I noticed is that there's also an e-clip on the pin that holds the full-auto sear, along with the white plastic spacer. I noticed this cos I spent about 5 minutes thinking "why the f%@king hell won't this b&%@ard pin come out?!" while first dismantling my gun. Course, that's just my gun. Sometimes seems that mine is different to all the other AGM M4s out there. *EDIT* Incidentally, I've noticed people talking about PX-Airsoft. The url www.px-airsoft.com is just a placeholder page. What's all that about?
  8. Not sure what to make of that thought. On the one hand, I've never been keen on replacing deficient parts with ones by the same manufacturer. On the other hand, (and much worse IMO) I couldn't help but wonder what KJW would be doing putting out an improved hop-up (for instance) as an upgrade. Why the fork wasn't it in the gun to begin with????? I gotta say, it kinda worries me slightly that there are now 3(?) totally unique gas M4s out there which're all totally incompatible. I suspect if TM, CA and ICS had acted like this ten years ago we'd currently have a right mish-mash of
  9. I wondered why his name was all over the box. The point was more that every other KJW gun can be upgraded or repaired using parts manufactured for other weapons. Can we expect Prime, Shooters Design and all the rest to swing into action making parts for this unique gun?
  10. Off hand, isn't this the first gun made by KJW that wasn't a copy of an existing design? Be interesting to see how this manages for spares and upgrade parts.
  11. I think the complete RA-tech is the best way to go. Snorkelman was saying that they're in and out of stock every couple of days. Apparently (although I haven't checked) the complete BCG is in stock right now. Maybe shoot them an email and ask if it's possible for you to buy one now and have it shipped as soon as they com into stock?
  12. Yeah you could but that'd make it harder to drill and tap the hole to fit a hard insert later on. That's why I suggested the guy take the opportunity to do the work now.
  13. If it was me I think I'd take the opportunity to drill that hole as far down as possible and then tap it and fit the longest screw I could find. That'd spread the shock throughout a larger lump of your bolt carrier. You're basically looking at the end of your bolt carrier though, IMO. Time for a steel one.
  14. There's enough lumps of the EBB barrel to create a barrel longer than 20". If you wanted to leave the unstepped part showing I guess you'd need to screw it onto the front of the complete M4 barrel assembly and then cut notches in the barrel for a front sight assembly. I gotta say, though, regardless of whether it can be used or not I wouldn't recommend having all those heavy lumps of steel screwed together and then fitted to the front of a pot-metal receiver.
  15. There's also the 5-piece outer barrel that EBB sells. Once you fit that you should be able to fit an AEG foregrip to it. Gotta say, I'd rather stick with an alloy barrel rather than a steel one. It's very, very, very heavy.
  16. There's a picture in the back of the manual. TBH, there are pictures on the net but the people who post em seem to take em down again quite often.
  17. That switch does nothing to the gas system at all. It's a mechanical switch that stops the BB follower moving up the last 5mm and engaging the bolt catch. That aint affecting the gas leak.
  18. What's it made of? What's the receiver made of? What's the bolt carrier and bolt made of? What're the trigger, sears and hammer made of? What's the outer barrel and front sight made of? You get the idea. Apparently the big selling point is that it fits AEG parts. Have you tried fitting an AEG front end, trigger guard etc? Does it fit an AEG barrel and hop-up parts? Is the buffer tube the correct diameter so AEG stocks will fit? Will AEG foregrips fit on it? What about the pistol grip? Will an AEG flip-up front sight go on the barrel? Does it have a threaded muzzl
  19. The problem is that the main spring inside the mag just isn't strong enough to push the bolt-catch up so it engages in the time it takes for the BCG to slam back and forward again. The only way to fix this is to either pack something behind the spring to pre-load it or to use different mag's. No idea. I haven't tried em. Oddly enough, loads of people claim to have bought them and the main thing they say is that they're lighter. Which we already know. Nobody seems keen to say whether the V2 mags work the bolt catch properly. I'm guessing that's cos it'd mean admitting it di
  20. As long as you understand that NO upgrades are gonna make the bolt-catch work reliably as long as you're using the AGM mag. New mags should be on your list too.
  21. I must admit, I think I'm gonna try and advise people NOT to make use of any new review threads the way the WE and AGM threads have gone. As I say, I think it's kinda self-perpetuating. I reckon (as do the majority of you, apparently) that it'd be better for faults and upgrades to be discussed in the tech forum, where they belong.
  22. Free if you spend more than $200.
  23. TBH, I don't think they neccesarily deserve to be closed. The problem is that they become a sort of self-perpetuating monster. People post stuff in the thread and then others with questions also post there so the people posting the info will see their questions. It quickly snowballs into what we now have. Ideally, I wish there was a way to display something on each page reminding people to post questions in the tech forum rather than adding to these colossal threads. Now, ideally it'd be nice if all the regulars in those threads would start asking people not to post question
  24. Because the review database is something of a failed experiment, much like the auctions section. It seems far more straightforward to simply request people use the forums as they should be:- That is, to use the technical section for its intended purpose and the review section for its.
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