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  1. Thanks Grindstone. As to hardware stores here giving advice, I really won't trust them. They do not even know what a threadlock is I'll stick with yours and ollie_ty's advise. Thanks guys!
  2. Thanks ollie_ty. Got it, will do some cleaning when I get home from work
  3. ^ thanks for the tip Grindstone. How do you polish it? Is it the same as wiping it down with a clean cloth or do you have to use something specific? I have no access to gun oil locally. All I have now is silicon shock oil. The WD40 I have, will try that soon.
  4. Quick question guys, at what part does gas vent at the charging handle? Does it vent more on the top or bottom part? Reason why I ask is I'll be modding the charging handle a bit with a small channel to redirect the gas away. Looking at the wiki site the mod is on the bottom wheras on the real PRI ga buster handle the deeper channel is on top. Thanks in advance for the inputs guys. P.S. Any preventive measures on how to get rid of surface rust? It's quite humid here in the Philippines and some parts are already showing signs of surface rust.
  5. On an event recently held inside the Force Recon Marine base in the Philippines:
  6. Still short of the killflash, 962 and short-type M203
  7. ACOG with killflash and 961 replica is en route and my SF gun is complete
  8. @CKinnerley, As mentioned, a longer screw was used on the front slot
  9. @CKinnerley, Thanks, yup, the side rail is a simple bolt-on job. The bottom rail for the AFG is done by mounting the short rail's front hole across the pump's front screw hole and using a longer screw/bot. The rear hole will have to be driled a new slot for anther bolt to fix it in place.
  10. ^ there are photos in the net of real steel shotguns with AFG installed so I thought of trying it out Edit: check this "Magpulized" one - http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i182/mixflip/afg4.jpg
  11. ^ I'll try to post side photos soon. Sorry, I don't have an M900/910, but I thought of using that before. Tried a vertical grip though but because the DE shotgun is hard to rack, using a vertical grip only made it more cumbersome to do, same could then be said about the M900/910 on it so I settled with the AFG and installed a G36C short rail on the pump's side to accommodate a replica scout light in the future.
  12. ^ I get to hold to pump more comfortably and it gives me more leverage pumping such.
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