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    Playing football for the Montana Tech Orediggers, and airsoft.
  1. Here is my tan TM p226 It has -SD CNC valve knocker -SD Cylinder set -First Dyna Piston head -Guarder 150% recoil+hammer spring -G&P m3 with Cree 275 bulb -Tactical Tan paint job
  2. Ive seen the metal slides on Yahoo Japan, Though, they run about $200 USD
  3. That is one hawt 552 RacingManiac.
  4. Was taken this last winter, before a game. Just screwing around in the snow, waiting for the game to start Top picture I am kneeling down Bottom picture I am laying in some shrubs I think it blends in quite well
  5. G&G SR-25 Leupold Mark 4 replica w/ Butler Creek covers Rock Mount Harris bipod -Internals- PDI 170% spring 300% torque up gears Systema Magnum motor Mosfet with Active braking Guarder Bucking 70 waiting on 650mm Madbull barrel
  6. To dliberty I personally like my Blackhawk Serpa thigh rig. Fits nice, and doesnt move much.
  7. Yea its the new CA metal reciever painted to get rid of the ugly trades. Thanks for the high five as well.
  8. I finally got my wood G3 finished. I finished the battery the other day, I custom fitted it into the stock no hollowing was needed. G3 has real steel wood, real steel carry handle, and a real H&K sling.
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