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  1. Decided to log in for the first time in who knows how long. I did some RC drift for maybe a year or two as a hobby to satisfy my need to tweak mechanical things until work just ate up more and more of my time as I moved up through the ranks.
  2. The carpet is a sort of watermark as I've yet to see another and hope to never see another. The sling is a Blue Force Gear Limited Edition AK Sling V2. -Piano
  3. More TWI parts arrived for my GHK. Keepin' it KardeN. -Piano
  4. @CDI Your MVD kit is horrible. -Batou
  5. Nice job on the fakeliting, Sigma3. That MAG brown color is absolutely horrible and I've never found out why they chose that color. -Piano
  6. Dober Guard Classcom Korund-VM Vest w/ Custom Made Inserts: -Piano
  7. That rail should work as the TX-M has a full length gas system (as opposed to an AMD-65 or AKS-74U). -Piano
  8. Since the pin is spring loaded, if you heat up the part to break the superglue bond, you should be able to lightly tap the pin further down the hole. This should free the pin enough for the spring to eject it forward. -Piano
  9. Apply a little heat to the pin with one of those micro butane torches. I had a similar problem because the retailer was sloppy with whatever adhesive they used to attach the flash hider and some got into the recess for the pin. A little heat and some mechanical agitation caused it to free up. -Piano
  10. EHA has them in stock in pink. -Piano
  11. Seeing on Red-Alliance they look like who did it and ran. -Batou
  12. No problem. Honestly, since you're in the US, just get a LCT blaster from FoxAirsoft. You won't be raked over the coals in shipping charges and they're running deals this time of year. Sure, the E&L might have a better selector marking or whatever, but the front end construction is the same (unless they've decided to covertly go VFC construction style) and if you're spending more time looking at selector markings than using the gun, you might as well just buy a VFC if you're going to order from overseas anyways. -Piano
  13. Their markings might be better, but their construction-style is LCT: http://www.emei-landarms.com.hk01.51cdngo.com/UpFiles/2013/8/15/thumb_2013081550718109.JPG Utter . It's a byproduct of the gearbox design. Real Sword Type 56s don't have this issue and were sold in the US. -Piano
  14. Swap out the flash hider for something a like a PWS FSC. Swap out the stock for something with a MAGPUL ACS or the like. Slap a Micro Red Dot on the Ultimak. -Piano
  15. Considering the Surefire he's also using is also able to act as an IR lamp and there is no other form of sighting mechanism other than the DBAL, I'm going to guess that this is a night-time gun. -Piano
  16. Yes, they have had holiday sales in the past. -Piano
  17. From what I've heard, the both the 20 and 30 round magazines will be improved. The 30 round magazines will be roughly the same weight as the real ones and made of a different polymer. I'm not sure about the 20 round magazines being a different plastic, but I think they will be better built. -Piano
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