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  1. After reading Kokonut's reply I went and checked my barrel alignment and sure enough it was off to the right by several degrees. This would explain why my groupings were to the right, I have to consider this a design flaw. I guess this gun will become a wall hanger.
  2. I really have not had time to tune the rifle, but stock it was shooting about a 3" group at 50 feet with a few flyers. This is with .20g bb's which are probably way too light and at longer ranges I am sure the group would be a lot bigger as the lighter bb's would get blown around. So I am waiting for some heavier bb's and then I will try again. Also there was no inner barrel spacer, which probably caused some of the flyers, I have to see if I can fit an APS2 or Type 96 spacer in there.
  3. I only put a few hundred rounds thru it so I really can't say for sure how it will hold up in the long run. But it has the same build quality as some of the other sniper clones out there (nylon piston/spring guide, zinc metal parts, aluminum cylinder, etc). One thing I liked was the metal trigger box which seems like it would be more durable than the plastic trigger box in most clones. Also it came with a steel piston sear, instead of a weaker zinc part.
  4. A while back I received a 50% off coupon from Airsplat on any spring powered rifle, so I checked their site and ran across the M99. I probably would not have made the purchase without the coupon because the rifle is so big and heavy, but for the price I paid it was a good deal.
  5. Here are some optional parts I will be installing into the M99. Most of these parts were originally for my APS2 but I never installed them.
  6. Here is a picture of the SW M99 next to my WE G39. This thing is huge.
  7. I wasn't really looking for one of these because in the past all that was available were uber expensive conversion kits. But recently I received a coupon that gave me 50% off so for under $100 bucks I picked up a brand new Snow Wolf M99. Not sure what to expect because I never heard of Snow Wolf, but for that price I decided to take a chance. Most of this review will be concentrated on the internals. I did a little research prior to my purchase and this rifle is supposed to be copy of the Maruzen APS2 internally. I have a Maruzen APS2 SV so once the M99 arrived I took it part to compare the tw
  8. Here is how my FMG arrived.
  9. FYI. I finally received the replacement parts from Rhino, kudos to both Rhino and Magpul.
  10. Rhino sent me an e-mail saying they would be sending out an updated replacement part but they did not specify exactly what part it is. Can anyone show a picture of what part is breaking?
  11. The kit I recieved did not have a replacement outer (or inner) barrel, so I used the barrel from the donor G18c. You could fit a barrel that is at least 2 inches longer than the stock G18c into the FMG.
  12. Probably better to wait for them to offer a complete gun, it seems Glocks (g18c) are hard to find around here. And you basically put the donor out of action when you use the it for the conversion.
  13. Yup, if you take a G18c upper off a gun that is all you need. The upper and everything in it (slide, gas block, inner/outer barrel, recoil spring, selector parts, etc.) also you need an extended mag. The Magpul FMG basically serves as the "bottom" half of the pistol.
  14. I just got this last week and here is a mini review. I like unique and unusual guns so when this kit was announced I had to have one. The quality is very good, the texture of the plastic is nice and best of all everything fit without modifications. This is a kit and you get the folding shell, a new gas chamber block and selector switch. You need to use a g18c as a donor for the slide (and everything in it). You need to replace the gas chamber block (I don't know why) and the selector switch with the low profile one included in the kit. So I hope you still have that tiny Allen wrench to disasse
  15. Apparently the JG AUG version (barrel lug used in this kit) is slightly larger in diameter than the TM. So I had to remove material all the way around the barrel lug (the shiny part in the picture). Either that or QC was just bad and I got one that was a little oversized. I have a mini lathe so I was able to turn the part down to the right size but I had to hand file around the lug.
  16. Shark413


    I currently own a TM AUG that I purchased back in 2002. I modified the standard barrel into an short CQ configuration, Then I saw the HBAR version and figured it was time for another update. I searched and found a conversion kit (Hexagon Products) was available. One cool feature of the AUG is the ability to swap out the entire barrel assembly (outer, inner, grip, etc.) as one piece. So I could change back and forth from Short to HBAR. The HBAR kit was made for a JG version and didn't quite fit the TM, so I had to hand file it until it fit. I used a custom 650mm tightbore barrel and a G&P h
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