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  1. donthedragon

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    MSN. 1.) Its about as consistent as a WE hi-capa. 2.) Those stupid little jingles when you recieve a new message. 3.) The fact that people don't leave you alone when the ''busy'' or ''away'' icon is there. 4.) When people continue to talk to you while you actively tell them you are busy. 5.) Those bleedin' emoticons. Sometimes it happens to the best of us, but there is only so much txt spk and emoticon epilepsy icons of death I can take. 6.) Those friggin links from the people you really don't care about. You feel compelled to look at them because you know the inevitable ''what do you think?'' will appear straight after. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Uneducated lazy dolite goits who refuse to work. 1.) They can't construct a meaningful, worthwhile reason for why they shouldnt work, but rather a ''bad back'' constitutes a brand new VW golf 2.) They don't work, yet manage to afford to live better than I do! 3.) They are basically a waste of gravitational pull. 4.) They have less teeth than the Detroit Red Wings, yet more money than them. 5.) They are the least intelligent breed of 'human' in Britain, yet manage to screw over the supposedly most intelligent people in the country, with benefit claims etc. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lager. 1.) It tastes bad....very bad. 2.) Its fizzy (Only ladies drink fizzy alcohol ) 3.) Its not Guinness. 4.) Nuff said about lager, who fancies a guinness?

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