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  1. Damn, I'm gonna have to get some pics of my tokai vee up here! I've been away too long!!!
  2. Must be, he's got the Halo 3 OST on his desktop; no one that listens to that can have a female companion....
  3. Haha, yeah it is a very cool guitar to play. The most expensive guitar I have bought. the neck is a little ''deeper'' than I thought it would be, but a fine guitar nethertheless. The case must be worth around £150 ($296) in itself. Still....I keep going back to the switch Wild I, it can handle any type of music you throw at it; I dare one of you to try it...you'll never put it down!
  4. Here is my brand new switch ''Wild I'' guitar. What can I say? Its outstanding. It cost me £79 from my local guitar dealer, and its the sweetest guitar I have played in years. I own the dean dimebag tribute guitar (£799) and the esp KH-202 kirk hammett sig guitar (£599)...and this one blows them both away playability wise. The action is so precise and acute, you can hear and feel every note on this little beauty...truly a pleasure to play. The body is a one piece mould, made out of a material which has been patented as ''vibracell'' technology. More precise info can be found on www.switch
  5. MSN. 1.) Its about as consistent as a WE hi-capa. 2.) Those stupid little jingles when you recieve a new message. 3.) The fact that people don't leave you alone when the ''busy'' or ''away'' icon is there. 4.) When people continue to talk to you while you actively tell them you are busy. 5.) Those bleedin' emoticons. Sometimes it happens to the best of us, but there is only so much txt spk and emoticon epilepsy icons of death I can take. 6.) Those friggin links from the people you really don't care about. You feel compelled to look at them because you know the ine
  6. Closely followed by... 'Zomfg iT aM CheEpA iN hOng KUng!!!11' and followed by a further: don 'is' god ...why?, because I am.
  7. Sod the patches, mugs etc....make me a thong and I'll get my girlfriend to parade around in it. (no pictures sorry guys ) Seriously though, personalised patches would be great, as well as mugs, t-shirst etc. Arnie, send me a couple of designs in an email, and I will try and make you a couple of t-shirts and send them to you. They won't be of the best 'A' grade quality but at least you will know what they will look like. Cheers
  8. I don't think the issue we all have is with people haggling or people even politely pointing out that the item they are selling 'may' be overpriced. What we don't need are posts like this... Not mentioning any names here, but there seem to be a few repeat offenders who I think deserve a warning about this type of thing, I don't do it, and neither do the more 'mature' members of this forum. If the mods think this is pointless thread, they would have closed it already. It's an important issue that should be made aware of, and taken seriously: There is nothing more annoying than
  9. Gets my vote. If it were as simple as ''buy it from HK'', then the for sale forum wouldn't exist.
  10. Right ok, for the Dimebag fans out there, the Dimebag Far Beyond Driven Tribute guitar in Brasilia burst finish with dimebucker seymour duncan at the bridge and the stock 'bucka at the neck, 22 frets with mother of pearl inlays and a bi-colour floyd rose tremolo system. The image is off the net but mine is exactly the same sorry for the size guys but it deserves a big space
  11. yeah i have the KH-202, its not as expensive as the KH-2 or the KH-602 but to be honest, it wasnt worth my while shelling out an extra £600 on top of the £500 price tag for the KH-202. anyway, *fruitcage* it, im happy....its what the player does with the instrument, not what the instrument does for the player ...well, thats what us poor guitarists say anyway stay frosty, ant
  12. why thank you kind lady....im guessin it was my guitar that was aimed at, right? lol. hmmm, im really a megadeth guy at heart....but prefer me hammett's choice of axe. we love you dark contenant good night \m/
  13. hey guys, got an ESP kirk hammett sig that sounds awesome.
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