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  1. Jumprefusal

    G&P GBB M4A1 family

    Same as the 553, every shot I took shut the thing off.
  2. Jumprefusal

    G&P GBB M4A1 family

    Read the AGM thread, there is a ton of magazine info there. I have some 5ku mags, work decent enough after I fixed the leaks but their QC sucks. Out of six two won't fit in the reciever.
  3. Jumprefusal

    G&P GBB M4A1 family

    I can't give much for a long term report, but from tearing it apart I can tell you it is very well made. G&P has always had nice externals, and this is no different. I spent 8 years in the Army, and recently a buddy of mine still in fell for my "This fell of a truck the other day and I snagged it" joke (I work on Ft. Bragg). Took me showing him the magazine that it wasn't real. Only complaint I have is the stock barrel, it has quite a bit of bb dribblage. A tighter 6.03 or 6.04 helps quite a bit.
  4. Jumprefusal

    G&P GBB M4A1 family

    Ok after the long wait for shipping I can confirm that The A&K M5 RAS DOES FIT THE M16A4. It actually fits perfect, I bloodied my knuckles getting the sucker on there. Rock solid and very well built. The rails aren't terribly sharp, the numbers are correctly laser etched, and it has the right gas tube retaining channels and heat shields. Matches the G&P finish very nicely, I can take pictures if anybody is interested.
  5. Jumprefusal


    Drake that is a work of art, very unique. +1 to you.
  6. Jumprefusal

    G&P GBB M4A1 family

    I think I may have found my solution with the A&K M5 RAS, it says it only works with guns that use real size delta rings. I will have it all later this week, I'll be sure to post if it works.
  7. Jumprefusal

    G&P GBB M4A1 family

    Well I've spent the last few hours researching, reading this entire thread, and beating myself with a frying pan and can't find the answer. I just traded for an M16A4 WOC and haven't the slightest clue which M5 (except for the G&P) will fit. I would like to avoid spending the cash on the entire front end for obvious reasons, I'm hoping the Dboys M5 will fit? Anybody? (crosses fingers)

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