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    *TM FAMAS: w/ vert grip, scope mount, reflex red dot, Standard ratio gears, PDI %150, & metal bushings, shooting at around 350 FPS.


    *TM G3/SG1: Systema Polycarbonate piston, bearing spring guide, Guarder air nozzle, M100, precision barrel, systema hop-up bucking, and metal bushings, shooting at 360, chronoed.

    *KWA M93R: Metal slide, high flow valves, and an upgraded recoil spring.

    *Star SCAR H with EGLM, my new baby 8D
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    'How we spend our days is how we spend our lives.'
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    Daytona Beach, FL
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    Airsoft<br />Movies<br />Cars<br />R/C<br />Classical Music<br />Misspelling words on AIM, and Steam.

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  1. Happy birthday greg!

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