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  1. Amaazing, thanks ED-SKaR - I think I get it now! Makes perfect sense
  2. Hi Skarclaw, Thanks so much for the response. It might be quiet on here but far from dead given these responses . Ill look through the links and yes, a chrono seems a great place to start, and trigger tuning. Cheers for the links.
  3. Hi All Member long time back. Briefly searched, can see reddit etc is popular, but Arnies is where and what I remember, old login and old password worked a dream. Discovered my airsoft collection again in the loft of my family home in unfortunate circumstances. Pre RIF. Pre UKARA. I feel the itch again, but don't know where to start, so reaching out. Ref the guns, many were in parts at the time of storage, but these were stored as is CA B&T MP5 SD3 Full Metal TM AK47 Beta Spetnaz I'm guessing I wasn't savvy enough to ensure they weren't mid-cycle and springs
  4. What did you use to mask the dark striped areas? Looks pretty sweet
  5. Yellow... What did you use to make it? And what are the zip ties for? Ta Neil
  6. I certainly agree its just a tax. I understand the Wireless Telegraphy Act quite well, in that there is not mention of the BBC, however I would argue that the sum is related. How your licence is spent The following information relates to 2006/2007. Each household's colour TV licence cost £10.96 every month in 2006/2007. On average this was how the BBC used your money: BBC or not, public perception is based upon education and information. The Queens royal charter states the BBCs entiltlement to collect, enforce and the Wireless Telgraphy Act. If you want to tr
  7. BBC... I own a television, which can be used for a variety of purposes. I am taxed on its ownership, purely because I 'could' use it to watch BBC channels. Can I choose not to watch them? - YES. Am I still taxed? - YES. Does my tax go to any of the other channels?-NO. My tax goes on paying Johnathon Ross £6 million a year. Nuff said. Anti-competitive doesnt even come close. What happened to freedom of choice. I know - I could choose not to watch TV. But why can I not choose what TV I want to pay to watch? AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRGGHHHH. Just writing about it makes me sooooo ang
  8. People who ring for technical support, then despite the clearest step by step instructions, they are clearly not listening to a word you say. Why call in the first place? Also those requiring technical support, who only proceed to tell you they 'know about computers' and have done everything to fix it, normally reeling off a load of unrelated uneducated jargon. 'Ive turned the main server on and off'?? WTF? Considering im currently holed up in the server room, in another part of the city, I doubt that very much. If you need support - accept it. Ill listen to you. Ill ask the probing questions.
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