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  1. Much like real life snipers and dedicated marksmen, a big part of the Airsoft Sniping experience are concealment and field craft. But, unlike real-life not everyone needs to put massive amounts of time and effort into their personal concealment clothing as it largely depends on the site they regularly visit. More to the point, not everyone wants to. Looking at them from a critical perspective, ghillie suits (both natural and artificial) can be bulky, intrusive, and unnecessary if the local site you play at only has the odd bush or bit of foliage (however, this is just my opinion). Going on my
  2. From one sniper to another - happy birthday!!

  3. My long-barreled COP does 300fps with green gas and 0.34g 8mm bb's. More than enough for a last-stand gun
  4. You could try installing a high-flow valve. Rizzini has bought them before so he knows where to get them from.
  5. Crimson, this is what I'm referring to. The loading collar. The big hole is where the BB's are loaded into. Now, ontop of the collar you can see the groove inbetween the two half moons. In the centre of this groove is the thread for a screw which holds a small bar of metal in (which is moved by the charging handles). Now, underneath this screw it's possible to drill a small hole and put a small pin of metal in. It's not perfect, but it can be done. Personally, I'm going to explore my idea of inserting a piece of piping into the chamber in order to restrict the BB's.
  6. Very nice USCM. It's nice to see that these babies can be cut down properly without affecting the inner barrel. I may have to buy a 6mm and the 8mm versions and turn them both into shorties
  7. That's not entirely true in my opinion. Originally, in the Marushin shotguns the restrictor was a pin that sat underneath a screw, which holds a bar of metal attached to the side of the loading collar. It may be possible to screw a hole into this unit so that you can put the restrictor pin in. Alternatively, you could make your own restrictor with metal piping. You need to find a length of pipe that is the exact diameter of the BB feed tube in the collar, but has an inner diameter smaller than 6mm. That way, the tube will be held inside the collar by friction, the BB's will be blocked fr
  8. Likewise, I've got my fair share of M500 experience so let either one of us know if you've got problems
  9. Darklite, do the Chinese manufacturers have email addresses you can contact them on to suggest ideas?
  10. Bah, that's no good. I've got a 6mm version of the M500 that the Chinese companies are welcome to have if it means a clone could be made for the benefit of everyone!!! Only problem is, I have a version that came without a hop unit. It's also the version that fires 5 shots as standard instead of 3. Genuine cloud of BB's with no more than 40 feet effective range! The only weird thing is, it's a solid stock version with a long barrel. Go figure
  11. All 10 shots Catman? Did you not fill the gun up to capacity with BB's?
  12. Carbine - the kit that I purchased contains instructions on how to make up your own short-magazines (you can see mine protruding from the bottom of the gun). They feed 8 rounds exactly I'm away on holiday next week, but when I get back I will scan the instructions and link them in, if you are interested.
  13. Yup - it's a Hooah Conversion Kit. Limited to only 100 kits or so I've read.
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