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    CA M15A4 RIS, CA M15A4, TM AK47s, TM G36c, TM VSR10 G-Spec, CYMA M14, TM Benelli M3, ICS MP5A4, Custom M4, Custom M4 stubby, WE 1911, WE 1911 Railed, KJW 1911, KJW M9, WA 1911, CYMA G18c, KWA G19, TM P90 and probably a few I'm forgetting.
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  1. luke213

    Custom Gear

    Just out of curiosity how long has it been down? I've only been looking for a little while but I wasn't sure if it had been down for months, or weeks or what. Just wondering;) Thanks! Luke
  2. luke213

    Custom Gear

    Hey guys I've taken an interest lately in doing some DIY gear, DIY Tactical seems to be unavailable for the last few weeks I've been looking into things. I'm an old school airsoft player for 10+ years ago that recently got back into the game. For a living I make leather holsters etc and I've been looking at building some airsoft gear for myself. Here is an example of one of my rigs, this one happens to be shark hide: Anyways on topic I'm not super familiar with the benifits of certain styles of say mag carriers etc, so I'm looking for a place where I can read and research what guys l
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