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    Videos Thread !

    Op. Pinky IV http://youtube.com/latz1
  3. Kristoffer

    Videos Thread !

    More of the Escort goodies http://www.as4l.com/ar18.avi http://www.as4l.com/ar18slo.avi http://www.as4l.com/fnfal.avi http://www.as4l.com/fnfalslo.avi http://www.as4l.com/m4a1.avi http://www.as4l.com/m4a1slo.avi http://www.as4l.com/mg42.avi http://www.as4l.com/mg42slo.avi http://www.as4l.com/mp5a5.avi http://www.as4l.com/mp5a5slo.avi http://www.as4l.com/mp5sd.avi http://www.as4l.com/mp5sdslo.avi http://www.as4l.com/mp44.avi http://www.as4l.com/mp44slo.avi http://www.as4l.com/svd.avi http://www.as4l.com/svdslo.avi
  4. Kristoffer

    Videos Thread !

    http://www.as4l.com/m60_web.avi Without a doubt the coolest M60 around. (hope it's ok to post the link here sniperx)

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