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    Airsoft weapon loadout:
    Primary: MP5k PDW or TM M1A1
    Backup: 1x TM Biohazard M9 & 1x KWA G17
    Last ditch effort: HFC Colt .25 nbb
    gear: USGI surplus

    other guns: HFC USP
    UHC MP5SD3 w/3 reddot & tac-lite (uber cheap addons)
    UHC 1911a1 springer

    HFC 1911a1 tactical w/o mag & major sanding/painting done
    STTi G3A3 blown up by a major mod, WAS shooting 250 FPS out to 70 feet accurate w/.12's and without wind...
    UHC M9

    UHC Super 9
    KWC 4526
    HFC Desert Eagle
    springers? Yeah.

    HFC select fire M190
    some kind of shotgun... either a Maruzen CA870, 1100, 870, UTG 870, KTW M37 or TM M3S90... I just don't know!
    KJW 1911A1
    KJW M700
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  1. Thomme

    Small man or Big cup?

    Sensing something a miss, Calvin quickly found himself in over his head in the "Land of the Slightly Taller People"
  2. Thomme

    ok...this could be a sticky situation.jpg

    Jimmy had a hard time figuring out why people would laugh so hard when they saw him instead of firing. He won an entire game without firing a shot.
  3. Thomme

    i repeat there are no americans in iraq.jpg

    "Soon after, Jeremy learned that in real war headshots are fair game"
  4. Thomme

    I want me some fun!

    "Honestly, I don't know what it's doing in my bag. I'm not even into that type of thing. It's not mine."
  5. Thomme

    captions are fun...

    "As militias go, Jimmy's had very little going for it."
  6. Thomme


    "Stop, that silencer is tickling my scalp"

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