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    Primary: MP5k PDW or TM M1A1
    Backup: 1x TM Biohazard M9 & 1x KWA G17
    Last ditch effort: HFC Colt .25 nbb
    gear: USGI surplus

    other guns: HFC USP
    UHC MP5SD3 w/3 reddot & tac-lite (uber cheap addons)
    UHC 1911a1 springer

    HFC 1911a1 tactical w/o mag & major sanding/painting done
    STTi G3A3 blown up by a major mod, WAS shooting 250 FPS out to 70 feet accurate w/.12's and without wind...
    UHC M9

    UHC Super 9
    KWC 4526
    HFC Desert Eagle
    springers? Yeah.

    HFC select fire M190
    some kind of shotgun... either a Maruzen CA870, 1100, 870, UTG 870, KTW M37 or TM M3S90... I just don't know!
    KJW 1911A1
    KJW M700
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  1. been about 2 or 3 months since I've posted on here... but, here I am, being a photo-hog. Anyway: the be perfectly honest, those are the ONLY action shots of me, and they take place during down times in the games and between games... kind'a sad...
  2. but it's not an inexpensive production run. I want one that's actually a production run with the working grenade launcher. It could use 20mm moscarts... but... no... no one will make Sci-Fi replicas!
  3. surpised I never got in on this: the Blade Runner Blaster Blast-tech DL44 Heavy Blaster Blast-tech E-11 Imperial Issue Blaster M41-A1 pulse rifle Anakin/Luke's Lightsaber
  4. Thomme

    M4/M16-203 pics

    the 203 was adapted for use in 1970 and phased out the M79, there were a few M203's in use, but not a ton. The M79 was still used.
  5. Ubar! We have the same phone, I ordered that faceplate a couple weeks ago, too. Still waiting on it for some reason.... anyway... here's my list, I'll try to get a picture sometime soon: Phone Zippo sometimes cash Wallet Chapstick Ipod Keys that's it.
  6. the long one, I made, I'm working on a blade kit for it. The vader one, an MR.
  7. star wars is a long time ago
  8. all I can think of are these:
  9. I hear that everyday of my life from my friends... wow... Boots are muddy from my last skirmish, so, I couldn't really wear them on the carpeting. The lighting in that room is the best in my house, so, I usually take pictures in there. I forgot about the Lightsabre Pictors thread... sorry... my bad.
  10. no joke, that's how big of a nerd I am....
  11. why don't you go back and look at how the conversation went. It went like this: I had 4 bazookas, but one sold in my dad's shop. Well, they don't count if your dad is selling them in an Army Navy Surplus store or something where he sells De-act items, My dad doesn't have an Army Navy Surplus store, he sell sitems in a booth at an antique shop. It still doesn't count as yours in your own personel collection if your antique broker father is selling them. My father isn't an antique broker, your an *beep* for saying I'm lying, it's my stuff that he's selling so I can make some money.
  12. that's not much differant than the scenario I illustrated, infact, it IS a scenario I illustrated, so, woot to you for being an ornary teen who tries to use his father's position as an antique broker to gain prestige on an Airsoft Forum in the UK.
  13. If your dad runs an army-navy surplus store or something where you sell de-act stuff from, it doesn't count as YOURS, since you don't have it in your own personel collections.
  14. I'd kill to get my Jeep Painted a flat OD instead of sparkley purple.
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