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  1. Thomme

    Small man or Big cup?

    Sensing something a miss, Calvin quickly found himself in over his head in the "Land of the Slightly Taller People"
  2. Thomme

    ok...this could be a sticky situation.jpg

    Jimmy had a hard time figuring out why people would laugh so hard when they saw him instead of firing. He won an entire game without firing a shot.
  3. Thomme

    i repeat there are no americans in iraq.jpg

    "Soon after, Jeremy learned that in real war headshots are fair game"
  4. Thomme

    I want me some fun!

    "Honestly, I don't know what it's doing in my bag. I'm not even into that type of thing. It's not mine."
  5. Thomme

    captions are fun...

    "As militias go, Jimmy's had very little going for it."
  6. Thomme


    "Stop, that silencer is tickling my scalp"

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