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  1. Can anyone show me a picture of a TM 1911 with a Guarder flat steel mainspring housing on it? I'd like to see specifically how well it fits into the frame. Actually, if anyone also knows, I'm looking for the best flat MSH out there for a TM 1911. It needs to fit like a RS MSH; none of this Western Arms nonsense where the housing sticks out of the frame a bit. I'm looking for one that sits flush with the frame.
  2. Hey I sent ya a PM but I think your box is full...I'd like to make an offer to you.

  3. So not even the pre-orders have shipped, huh? Apart from the hex screw differences, do you know what other improvements have been made??
  4. Does anyone know how long that holdup is supposed to take? I'd really like to order an R28 from them, they're supposed to be better versions of the previous Army Kimbers. Come to think of it, besides the hex screws in the grips, what ARE the differences?
  5. Does anyone know what's going on with their Army Kimber Warrior pre-orders? The pre-orders should have been over on the 20th, and I emailed them asking if they're sitll available. ACMgear said that they've got regular retail ones coming in that would cost a few bucks more, but I have yet to see any kind of change on their site. Have the pre-orders even shipped yet? When can I get my hands on one?
  6. Can anyone tell me what the difference is in shipping times between their free shipping and regular, 7-10 day airmail? It's less than a dollar difference.
  7. Wait a tick. How can it be a traditional DA/SA, since the gun is designed to be SA only, like a 1911? Not trying to bust your chops, but I'm really curious about this gun.
  8. So does this mean that the gun will fire in SA every time after the first trigger pull, like a TM p226 or Beretta, or does the gun stay in DA all the time? I was under the impression it stayed in DA all the time.
  9. Oddly enough, those grips actually come with that gun. My roommate bought one, and it comes with the faux Pachmayrs that are identical to the Marui MEU ones and a pair of those wooden grips.
  10. Watch out for this guy, he took one of my guns and never sent me his as part of a trade.

  11. Hey Ivan, is your pack integrated into the Eagle chest rig somehow? I can't see any straps for the backpack.
  12. ruchik

    AGM M4 GBB

    Wrong place buddy, not a good idea to try and get around the 100 post rule for the sale forums by posting that. In other news, if I want to use the KA MBK and decided to use the stock barrel, I don't even need the barrel nut the kit comes with?
  13. ruchik

    AGM M4 GBB

    In order to use any of the KA Vltor metal body kits, do I have to use AEG front ends, or can I use the stock barrel/delta ring with the castle ring included in the package?
  14. ruchik

    AGM M4 GBB

    Yup, stock nozzle and bolt carrier. Found a c-clip, but it still doesn't resolve the problem of the nozzle being really stubborn.
  15. ruchik

    AGM M4 GBB

    Well I took the bolt carrier apart to see what was going on. The clip holding the spring that's supposed to pull the nozzle back into the carrier isn't there. Hmmm. No wonder the loading nozzle doesn't always come back. And the loading nozzle is really hard to move in and out of the carrier. I lubed it up and cleaned it out, it's not cracked anywhere, just really hard to push in and out for some reason.
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