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  1. While on the subject of laptops.


    I hate Fujitsu Siemens.


    They release the Amilo range of laptops, which had an inherent flaw in the screen cable causing it to work loose and the screen flicker.


    Then they flat out deny that it was a flaw, despite the overwhelming feedback on their forums.


    It can just be plugged back in, but that means dismantling it, which takes time, and when done repeatedly isn't great for the laptop.



    Some people may just be able to get a new one, but being at college I don't have the dough to just drop on a new one, meaning I'm fixing it pretty much weekly. <_<



    I'll go for some of that too.




    Who deliberatley design the power port on the side of the laptop so that the one load bearing part is made of plastic with a shelf life of 18 months.


    Once it breaks, you can't charge the laptop and it's (according to my PC repair chap) either £90 for the tiniest piece of plastic, or a new laptop.


    (or in my case, slightly less for a repair job from said PC repair friend but which is only temporary...and a year later is on the verge of going again)




    -Why do builders have to start hammering/ diging/ sawing/ have an overly loud conversation at 8Am, and then have 2 hours silence at 9Am?





    I'll go for that one too. Sort of.


    Just moved out for the first time (last thursday), enjoying the few days of 'new home' activities with the misses.


    And when I'm trying to enjoy a relaxing sunday morning sleep. The chap accross the street decides at 7am that he wants to de-weed his drive and the pavement out the front of his house....by dragging a metal spade along the flagstones......managed to do it incredibly loudly too, if I hadn't been so annoyed I'dve been impressed at the sound output of the spade lol


    I made my opinion known in typical stoic British fashion...I tutted and slammed the bedroom window shut loud enough for him to hear :P

  3. I wonder what'll happen when Stunt finally has had enough of bad grammar and snaps?



    He will become my gf....


    ...which on the one side may not be too bad as he's become a stunningly, gorgeous model....



    .....but he would also become just about the worst grammer nazi on this rock we call Earth....



    ....seriously, girl interrupts sentences as I'm speaking to correct me!

  4. the sheer desperation of internet dating


    I know it's like a page old now but....


    ...my turn to rant.


    That's one hell of a broad stereotype.


    Just to state first, I am neither desperate, nor short on female/male (yes I'll take either :P) company when/if I'm single


    And yet I met my current gf online, and she happens to be just about the most amazing person I've ever met.


    So don't stereotype all internet associations as desperate. (though in fairness.....alot are....just not all)


    Rant over :P


    Please continue

  5. That's the CAW, correct?


    These two-tone guns really don't look as bad as I would have thought. They even look kind of cool, in a sense.


    I'dve thougth it was the DE if it's two tone.


    If it is the DE I give you one word of warning.


    Get a loooong 4mm head allen key and tighten the bolt down the stock tube. Otherwise it works itself loose very quickly and you can find the entire stock in your hand once you try and extend it out.



  6. for anyone who owns the DE M56 (M1014)


    2 things:


    Firstly, it's awesome. With .25s in it I was picking people off at distance with it, the range and spread for a shottie are awesome. (got a sniper friend with it when they were far anough away that they were engaging me aswell)


    Secondly, WATCH THE STOCK AND TIGHTEN THE SCREW IN THE STOCK TUBE!!!! mine is now very loose and needs looking at, and one other guy's m1014 stock and tube fell off completely.

  7. There is no spoon. :o


    On an a side note, has anyone ACTUALLY skirmished with one of these single-shot wonders?


    I myself, have skirmished countless times with a SPAS but it was almost forgivable what with the 3 barrels.



    Erm that DE M56 has 3 barrels....


    I used to use a SPAS as my primary a few years back, and my M56 will be my primary at a woodland game on sunday to break it in.


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