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  1. lord_marmite

    Glock Picture Thread

    It what the blue man group would wield if they were that way inclined.
  2. lord_marmite

    Glock Picture Thread

    Not only the gas mask, but using a pistol against said offensive smell, it must be bad! nice loadout by the way, really liking the black kit
  3. lord_marmite

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    i hate a thing called EMA (education maintainace allowance) supposedly 'poor' kids get it for going college as long as they turn up for every lesson every day, they can get £30 a week sstraightinto thier account. It is meant to be for kids whose parents don't earn a combined salary over £30K a year, it is susupposed to be for college supplies e.g. books, clothes and the stuff their parents can't afford to get them. yet I know the majority of people who get it at my college don't use it for that at all, in fact one of my mates dad owns his own business, and so has no fixed income, but is doing very well, yet my friend gets £30 a week for going college, even though he was going to go anyway. my parents aren't rich, but we fall on the other side of the salary line, yet I don't get pocket money at all, and I have to buy my own stuff, apart from college books but that like a one off, cuz once i have it i never need it again, so about £40 for my books, not £30 a week. fair enough if you can get it, have it the thing that p**ses me off is the bonuses, you can earn up to £500 in bonuses for attendance, why should they get it and not me? I go college every tw**ing day just like them, its not like its hard for them to go college either. why should they get paid for something everyone else does regardless?? btw my friend also has a job, like mst of the people who get EMA, so £30 a week turns into £80 a week. what a facking liberty! rant over lol
  4. lord_marmite

    paul w crazy hat.jpg

    What do you mean not mil-sim???

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