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  1. Bit of a Xantia mini-meet today, 5 in total, Cassy's got the boot up. Just fitted VSX alloys to her.
  2. Look at the rods under the dashboard, they've thought of that, and it's an auto.
  3. On Nikons and other cameras with MASP dials, it's Shutter speed (there are many names, exposure time, time variable, but shutter speed is the most common). Manual Aperture Shutter Program
  4. Shoot RAW then you don't have to worry about white balance settings.
  5. Um, guzzi, all the BMW R50's google is showing me have only 2 wheels, bloody ugly though.
  6. Get to grips with CS4 and use both. Take a look at Digital Photo magazine, it has plenty of really good and non-patronising lessons to help. I find that in actuallity I only use a few functions of CS4 when putting images through post production. Portraiture and noiseware are useful plugins to have.
  7. Incase no one has spotted it and might be interested, March edition of Practical Photography has an article on home studios and lighting effects that's not too bad. Covers high and low key too.
  8. Is 42mm that wide? Or is the lens taking into account the sensor size?
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