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  1. I tend to aim for soft squidgy parts with players like that, if I'm 100% certain they're not taking hits, like if they react by pulling their legs out the way for instance. Caught one red handed on my gun cam the last time I was at Finmere which is ridiculous as the games there have you out of the action for a minute or two at most as you either have unlimited lives if attacking with a respawn point not too far away, or a set number of lives so somewhere to fall back to and get dug in if defending. Fired a burst at him, he reacted to the impact, the lay down behind the small fallen tree beside
  2. We like value for money That's why I, like so many others, chose the Nissan Leaf, a truly remarkable car. OK, I'll stop now (for a while - teehee)
  3. It's a decent go to for those who need the extra space or seats.
  4. Looks like the Leaf was removed from the scheme in 2017. It was £999 AP for the Visia, £1999 for the Acenta and £2599 for the Tekna I would imagine it was removed to release stock for the general market before the new Leaf was announced. Like my Black Edition was released to use up remaining stocks of 3.3kW slow chargers. The new Leaf currently just has one "special edition" grade, so I would imagine once it's been out for a while they'll split it into the three grades, and with a bit of luck the Visia will get the heat pump that the Acenta and Tekna have rather than the Gen 1 inefficient h
  5. Can you convert a Pinzgauer to leccy? I just like the thought of parking it in an EV charging space, wait for someone to complain and get out and plug it in as you turn to them and say "Problem?" There's a lot of pressure on Nissan to include it, or the env200 (which should finally be getting the upgrade from 24kWh to 40kWh battery for a lot more range) as that should allow for rear wheelchair access via ramp. Considering they get £4.5k from the government towards the cost of the vehicle, and were doing plenty of deals with either zero deposit or £199 down and £199 a month for an Ace
  6. It's got a big boot. With the high roof and plenty of leg room they're easy for the less abled to get in and out.
  7. You should all buy Nissan leafs Get the suped up Nismo version they're talking about, proper boy racer innit.
  8. Pressure from black cab drivers, the same black cab drivers who resisted being CRB checked unless mini cab drivers were forced to pass the Knowledge. Talking of Taxis, C&C Taxis of Cornwall swapped it's fleet for Leafs and saved £41k in fuel per year. They've just retired their first Leaf after 180k miles (the equivalent of 14 years average driving in just 4 years) due to wear and tear on the interior and no breakdowns.
  9. I bet in the past proper green blooded Citroens would have done well then. I rarely slowed down to speed bumps in my Xantia.
  10. I thought that too, I absolutely hate automatics (especially my wife's horrible easytronic gearbox, my god who was the *bramston pickle* who came up with that monstrosity!) but the Leaf is such a dream to drive I've not missed having no gear stick. One day I'll try a Tesla. The 30kWh will easily do 120 miles. As for a 30 mile commute, I do that with no problems. Why wouldn't you plug it in when you get home and take advantage of Economy 7 leccy at 4.9p/kWh? The new 40kWh should give a real world distance of 155-165 miles, while the real game changer will be the 60kWh with 250
  11. Well mine's 110PS, the new one is 150PS. The great thing about it is no time wasted changing gears, it's just foot down and go. On the 30kWh doing 90 would probably drop the range down to about 100 miles from the 115 I normally get doing 70mph. Of course you could splash out on a Tesla S with Ludicrous speed
  12. Naughty! How often do you need to drive over 100mph then?
  13. I know right? Silently flying off at the lights making other car drivers feel inadequate, chuckling smugly to themselves as they pass petrol stations and see the prices. It's disgraceful Now, shall I sign you up for one?
  14. Vauxhall drivers are often wannabe Audi drivers but just can't afford it. The thing is, why would you want to drive a bland car which makes everyone think you're a cockwomble?
  15. Ah, it's so great to see them get dug in when they just floor it and spin the wheels. Soft-roaders and Chelsea tractors. Many winters ago I came back from London to find several cars trapped in the train station car park because some prat in an oversized BMW couldn't handle the ice and had got stuck in the middle of the roadway. No one seemed to know how to help him so I went and had a chat, told him to keep his foot off the accelerator and gently lift his foot up off the clutch. Instantly he tried flooring it and just wheelspan, so I told him again to keep his foot off. As expected, the c
  16. That depends, did you buy one under sales code P?
  17. Now don't you wish you had a Nissan Leaf and a Vehicle2Grid box so you could power your home off the car's traction battery?
  18. In my case it was a choice between a 1950's 3 bedroom house with the bathroom off the downstairs hallway, needing work and a 95% mortgage, or a new build using the government's Help to Buy scheme to give me an extra 20% deposit on a 4 bedroom new house with 5 year warranty on the internals, needing only a 75% mortgage which saved us over £150 a month (so we overpaid the mortgage)
  19. Hmm, ordered a radio off ebay from Taiwan, they've given me the tracking number for Taiwan post which says it should have reached the UK on the 22nd September, but no details of who it was handed over to, and we've had no card through the door. Just messaged them via ebay to say it hasn't arrived and could they check with TP who in the UK is likely to be delivering it so I can chase them. Anyone ordered from Taiwan using Taiwan post and remember who delivered it?
  20. Ah, John Prescott's flagship Eco Homes. Brought to you from the same guy who primised Bedfordshire council that if they built a new massively cramped estate in Leighton Buzzard the government would pay for an upgrade to the infrastructure. Of course he wouldn't put anything in writing becuase you could trust him and promptly lost his job as housing minister. At some point he was transport minister and tried slagging off Milton Keynes for it's grid system with "X this and Y that", so the interviewer pointed out it was H and V, for horizontal and vertical. Our Barratt home is structural
  21. Sandhills estate in Leighton Buzzard, "built" by Bryant Homes. 3 story town houses. The front windows sagged after 10 years and had to be re-fitted and re-sealed. Not long after my parents moved in we heard stories of them not having enough ties to pin the veneer to the frame so they spread them out more and some houses veneers were bulging out, while other areas suffered a bit of subsidence (it was built on an old sand pit). Here's my parents' house being built.
  22. My parents' old house which was built about 2004 was just a wooden frame with a brick veneer. Insulation was via pre-formed panels. It creaked whenever someone walked around, and in theory you could chop your way into next door with an axe.
  23. That reminds me, I need to check the tightness of my malm bedframe, after 10 years I think the long edge on my side is a bit loose.
  24. Just think, if you had a Nissan Leaf, you could take advantage of the chargers there. "Sorry love, I'd best stay with the car while it charges, wouldn't want to hog the space when it finishes and stop someone else being able to charge now would we?" That'd get you at least 30 minutes
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