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  1. Last weekend I have finally finished also my T44E4 rifle:

    - WE M14 gbb w/ modified flashider, gas chamber, bolt lock, receiver
    - USGI M14 early stock (not 100% correct)
    - SA M1A wooden handguard
    - USGI M14 barrel band
    - USGI M1 Garand buttplate
    - USGI sling
    - Internals fixed and tuned to 3.5J w/ .50 BBs.



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  2. Tried to make an art picture of my Guarder MEU SOC, Inokatsu M1911A1 and Pi July's M1911. My skills suck

    But main point is the question. Is there perhaps any Marui/KJ compatible slide & frame kit for Remington Rand, Ithaca or US&S M1911 at all?

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  3. Quite a difficult task to source the parts. I was not expecting to even get some of them.

    Luckily and by coincidence I was able to get the most unique once at military show in Germany before covid has closed everything.

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  4. Difficult to say, I like all three of them - Shadow 2, 1 and P09. Good shooters, reliable and mag options (GG and CO2) without upgrade needed.

    Shadows are of course heavier than P09. Nevertheless if should choose just one - Shadow 2.

    But P09 is a bit more military if that plays a role for you.

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  5. M14 Sniper Rifle (1967, pre-XM21)
    - base WE M14 GBB (No.9)
    - USGI M84 optic sights from Garand M1D
    - USGI AWC mount base
    - USGI Griffin & Howe mount for USMC Garand MC1 (to be replaced by G&H for Garand M1C)
    - USGI complete stovk and barrel band
    - USGI selector lock
    - USGI National Match front and rear sights
    - USGI leather cheekpad for Garand M1C/D and MC1
    - USGI M1907 sling


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  6. Additional two of my M14s are almost finished:

    M1A-A1 (SEAL - VBSS Sniper Rifle)
    - base is WE M14 GBB (No. 8 )
    - Aimpoint 3000 (year 1989) with mount
    - folding stock from FPR
    - USGI M14 National Match front and rear sights
    - USGI M14 barrel band for proper position of barrel (WE's lower)
    - USGI M14 selector lock
    - USGI nylon sling from 70s


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  7. I had no idea that UHC has made guns for MGC until I have found this pistol few months ago.

    I remember my brother used to have UHC's manual M1911A1 more than 20 years ago. As I remember it was quite hard hitting compared to my Academy M16A1 or pair of M1911 Commanders, which I don't remember the origin of.

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  8. Let's go on with this thread here, too

    One of the very few non-airsoft modelguns in the collection:
    Shoei FG42 late version. If you ever get the opportunity to get your hands on one of these, take it! They re superbly built and incredibly nice collector's pieces.
    Had 2 of them for a while, the one without scope is sold by now.
    The one with scope has a very rare real ZF4 with even rarer, highly professionally reproduced Krieghoff mount rings made of steel.

    Hohoho, supernice!!! One of my favourite guns.

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  9. So my TM/Guarder P226 is finished, until the few remaining inner parts and grips come. I have to say I am really pleased with the semi-result, the look and performance on MAPP are just great.








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  10. I also didn't want to have anything with VFC's gbb after my painful MP7 experience. But got their G3 and UMP, which are in my opinion some of the very few best gbbs out of the box. Just take out and shoot, shoot, shoot... I was really amazed and pleasantly surprised.

    I will not get PSG, but FAL Delux for sure.

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  11. Out of curiosity: Why have you sold the NE Sten already?


    It was a beautiful piece, shooting quite well, but overall useless for my collection and more importantly I was in a quick need of money for our dogs operation...the most expensive toys ... of my wife, thus mine :-D



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  12. You are absolutely right with the need of new WW2 guns picture thread and both of yours are amazing kivk offs. I was not even aware there is such Tanaka and Unertl repro scope. Giving me an idea for my own 1903 conversion

    And let me share some of mine WW2 / Korea toys...

    2 of 3 8mm Marushin Garands (3rd will be - one day, a donor for my BM59 built)
    - one Garand is regular for my Marine Recon impression.
    - 2nd Garand will become M1D

    Carbines are 6mm King Arms and 8mm Marushin.


    Inokatsu M1911A

    WE M1A1 with USGI wood set.

    S&W Beretta M1938

    Hudson and S&W M3A1

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  13. I have used my Trenchgun twice during Nam events, but like 10 years ago, then "a friend" broke the bolt by wrong handling without me knowing about.

    Just last year I got her finaly back with new stainless steel bolt made by local tech.

    As for lever action, you are right:
    - top is KTW 1873 rifle with octagonal barrel in original set up.
    - KTW 1873 carbine with gas set
    - Umarex 1894

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