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  1. Great Review Darklite! You made me chuckle every now and then with the jokes and all. Good job on the review it was very in depth. As a suggestion for a future review from me would be the ELEMENT Upgrades. There seems to be a lot of interest in them but so little info. ^_^




    Gary B.

  2. Well folks I said that I'd get a new pic of my MP5, so here goes.




    The gun itself has gone through some. Instead of having both drums as reservoirs I only made the right side functional. The left one houses a 9.6v 1900mah battery. It also evens out the weight a lot. In the front I put an extra rail to mount a PEQ box just incase you want 2 drums. I also painted most of the gun Flat Black to get rid of the shininess. I've also worked on the internals here and there. Great CQB gun. :P


    But she's for sale now :( Enjoy.


    Gary B.

  3. Hmm, doesn't look like much of an improvement. In fact, I'd wager to say that the SRC M4's method with the metal clips over the tabs are a better solution.


    I've had experience with the SRC method with the metal clips... They aren't too reliable. Ended up taking them out because they would only get in the way.


    Gary B.

  4. :blink:



    how come relatively few people seem to use sigs?  In my opinion they look waaaay better than any armalite, especially when modded a bit.

    The hi-cap looks fackin sweet in there.  :D  And stick a nice long silencer or flash hider on it and it just looks sexeh...  :)


    I think it's a mid cap.


    Gary B.

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