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  1. Yep, I should obviously have leapt into the road and got hit by a bus or similar instead. I can only apologise for failing to do so
  2. I only ever see that with teenagers, to be honest. I recall walking along a footpath a few years ago minding my own business, with three teenage girls walking towards me. I moved to one side well in advance, but they continued three abreast and blocking the pavement - staring at me as they did so. When I failed to move onto the road or climb the wall to avoid them and instead turned slightly so my shoulder hit two of theirs as they walked into me (knocking them aside) they gave me a mouthful of abuse as I continued merrily on my way. They walked into me, remember - I'd stopped dead a few feet
  3. My sister was diagnised diabetic when I was 9. My mom took her to the doctors the day after she'd drunk two big bottles of lemonade. I realised eventually of course that this was because of the thirst that can be a sign of diabetes, but for years I was convinced drinking too much lemonade gave you diabetes.
  4. Last time I cut ciggies completely, and switched to extra strong mentholyptus. I only allowed myself to have one outside, while drinking coffee. That way my mouth and hand were occupied (steady!) and I took a break at the usual times. Worked a treat - only had to do that for two weeks, and I was fine.
  5. Cigarette smoke doesn't smell great to me either. Fortunately my sense of smell is impaired by the cigarettes.
  6. It seems to, but that could be psychological. I only smoke outdoors, so it might be the break that does me good. I'm a coffee man meself.
  7. Nope, just the once. If I feel like doing it again for a few more years (it was 3.5 last time), I will. Might as well try for double figures this time, eh?
  8. True, which is why I don't smoke around non-smokers. Other than that I appreciate that it will affect my family if I drop down dead as a result of my smoking (they'll be better off financially for a start). I do intend to quit soon, actually might do so tomorrow. I've done it before so I know I can do it. Ok I started again, but that was my choice (admittedly while under stress). It DOES help me cope with things, but I can always find something else. I can't justify smoking, but I do enjoy it. Weird I know, but then again I am.
  9. is still alive

  10. Oy! Barry Manilow - I Can't Smile Without You
  11. Mathematically impossible, but thanks.
  12. La Tour - People Are Still Having Sex Today is the 20th anniversary of the loss of my virginity. Just thought I'd share that
  13. So do I get a salary now?
  14. Nowt to do with us (as far as I know).
  15. I put that on in the car on the way home tonight - full blast, windows open, 60mph. Fantastic. EDIt: Whoops forgot to add: The Division Bell - Pink Floyd
  16. Alexei Sayle - Didn't You Kill My Brother?
  17. Really? You don't like Baby's Got A Temper? Smack My *badgeress* Up? First Warning? Spitfire? Girls? Break And Enter? Back 2 Skool? I guarantee when I get my new BMW 1 series I'll be playing You'll Be Under My Wheels at full blast for at least a week. Anyhoo, I've recently rediscovered my love of Kraftwerk, so... Musique Non Stop - Kraftwerk "Boing, Boom Tschak!!"
  18. Maybe some folks think it is, but I'm afraid others don't and would prefer it taken elsewhere. I agree with them, and I did ask really nicely so please - pretty please with sugar on the top - take them to the new thread so others can use this thread for it's intended purpose Thanks muchly folks.
  19. Guys, I'd really appreciate it if you could stick to discussing the WE M4 here rather than turning this into a thread about Airsoft Buddy issues - as would some other users. Feel free to create a new thread on it by all means so people who aren't trying to read about the WE M4 are aware of the issues too. Cheers!
  20. We can't swap fruitcage for cupcake - it'd be blasphemy or something Mind you, I can think of a better use for cupcake...
  21. Both are already covered. The suitcase that can be explained is not the true suitcase.
  22. Probably because that exact permutation of letters hasn't been specified. I'm sure Marlowe'll get around to it now though.
  23. Don't go calling Marlowe God, he'll never let us forget it
  24. I was asking about something similar (but different) the other day and THAT wasn't do-able, so I doubt this is either I'm afraid. Marlowe'll know better than me.
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