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  1. ok heres my Shayetet 13 loadout the first few with a cobbled together 'captured' web gear is from the early 80's but with an out of era mitznefet. IDF BDU's M1A1 realsteel helmet. Mitznefet brit pro boots alice belt and harness french gasmask pouch as butt pack french canteen pouch ddr nva strichtarn ak pouches H-250 RT the last few IDF are with my E-SAPI vest equate to an upto date loadout. commercial E-SAPI vest wedge triple ak pouch james speed triple pouch extended IFAK pouch et cetera the turned up trousers are a result of a *badger*ing form my mates dad (IDF
  2. Tried these today for the first time. http://www.ronniesunshines.com/armour-flex-knee-pads-black-p-963.html admittedly i only had them on for 2 hrs but they never moved were very comfy and protected my knees really well. They have an outer of 3mm plastic, with hinge pin at the sides of the knees. The lower half has 10mm high density foam insert, more than enough to pad the knees when going to ground. Additionally the lower half has a high friction rubber section that prevents slipping nicley. The hinges work like a charm i barely knew they were there actually! The elasticated strap
  3. Is there a consensus the best cheap alternative to the tad expensive (£100 +) Marom vest?
  4. Hi Guys, Heres my first outing in my IDF gear , I'm still saving for the vest, so I'm still using ALICE for the moment anyway enjoy. Shalom
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