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    star l85a2 carbine iron sight
    star 185a2 with ugl & susat
    star l86 lsw & susat
    star l85a2 iron sight
    star l85a2 & susat
    g&g l85a2 blow back & iron sight
    acm mp40 upgraded
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  1. awsome seller. i got a fantastic deal, also great guy and very good communication and i also got the item faster than i thought 10/10

  2. [i have both the d-boys & the vfc dx version and i will say the vfc version is streets ahead of the dboys version but for a cheep alternative its not bad at all lets face it ive got one as a back up to my vfc version ps why buy vfc mags when the clone mags are good value for money and as good as the vfc ones ive got 10 of um and all work flawlessly why pay £22 for a vfc mag when the clone version is just as good at a cost of £11 its a no brainer
  3. thanxs got the mp5 today and love it .like the packing nice !

    a note to all very good comms and trust worthy


  4. Excellent seller! Throughout there has been brilliant communication and I had very fast delivery. Cheers.

  5. A great seller. Good comms, fast delivery and even threw me in a freebie. Highly Recommended and hope to deal with again :)

  6. thanxs very happy with the g36 .fast postage a trusted trader in my book

  7. a pleasure to deal with trouble free every time

    cheers allex

  8. 2 Flawless purchases so far. An excellent and reliable seller. Thanks.

  9. Good seller, fast delivery and items as described, thanks very much.

  10. star or g&g susat ? that is the question.
  11. just a quick question the new g&g susat or the star version not seeen the g&g one in the flesh and dont know wot one to buy ? thanxs andy
  12. i use a ready mag with some custom 2000 9.6v cells in the mag and looks much better than the peq box
  13. this is my baby full upgrade from fire support with a tn barrel not cheep but it looks the dogs twitcher!
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