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    Airsoft & Motorbikes. Just about to return to Airsoft after almost a 4 year break! (Moved house and had sooo much DIY). Well i'm now back and dusted off my old ICS MP5A4 and ready to start regular again at a new site for me (UW - Limpsfield) next weekend. I'm back baby!
  1. My findings so far. After having my 417 out in the field 4 times now over the last two months. The thing is just a BEAST!! I have noticed a few small things that i either didn't think about before i purchased, or wasn't expecting: The stock (inside) is huge. (Compared to my mates 416). I converted to lipo and run x2 1450 7.4v bats in parallel. Lasts all day without issue. 290 fps is not an issue in terms of range (good old TM magic hop). But i do find with .25s that at around 60m that the bbs have lost so much velocity that sometimes they are not felt by the player. Considering a spri
  2. Wants a UK retailer to get the TM HK417 Recoil Shock in stock! Havn't seen a stock update from anyone yet :-(

  3. WELL releasing an AEG UZI....!?!?!?! Holy cow bat man! Please.... Just clone TM... don't try anything stupid

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    2. Taragon


      Indeed true. But i guess even if they do butcher it. At least there should be more spare parts floating around then the TM :D

    3. hwagan


      Bad news - Look at the gap between mag and magwell in the photo :(

    4. adadqgg


      I am not 100% on this, but didn't TM uzi suck(no replacement parts + weak internals)?

  4. WELL releasing an AEG UZI....!?!?!?! Holy cow bat man! Please.... Just clone TM... don't try anything stupid

  5. Arrrrgggg ran out of Krylon last night half way throguh spraying my silencer...... Dam you Krylon gods!

  6. Thanks for the review. I have been looking at one of these in Tan for a while now. Does sounds like they can stand up to the punishment of being chucked around the safe zone by me :-) Would be great if you could add a field report also, i doubt i will be using my while playing (just to carry stuff to and fro). But would love to know how it holds up with a good deal of weight inside. Nice to see a review of this. Cheers /Tara
  7. My TM M14 + G&P EBR Kit. Only just put the 2 base colours on so stay with me here :-) (Sand and Khaki for highlights). Hopefully get the rest sprayed up and then give it a slight sand down to give it the worn look. Work in progress but she performs so well. Just started to put some shading onto the back end... hopefully have majority of the gun looking similar with a 2 tone shaded effect. More pics soon
  8. Must stop adding stuff to my new EBR project... going to need a donkey to transport it around the site if it gets any heavier!

    1. Leshy


      A PEQ and a Thermal scope is an absolute must. Maybe a AGX Grenade laucher could be squeezed on.

    2. Dreamer777


      and a masterkey and a team tracker, along with a thoaster

  9. I can't work out if i really like it.... or maybe the paint has turned my eyes a little funny But whatever it it, good or bad... its given me a headache lol. I wonder if it does the same for the enemy?!
  10. Now that my friend says it all. Not a good sign when you have a retailer that close and still decide to go elsewhere for price and service.
  11. [i know this isn't a new thread - but still seems the best place for feedback] I just wanted to add to the general negative feedback trend for Surplus & Adventure. 16 Days ago i ordered x2 items they were showing as in-stock on their website (They are still showing as in stock today). After chasing them yesterday and finally getting hold of someone at their order enquiry line (After 6-7 attempts of it ringing out) I was told the items were still awaiting dispatch!!!! Seriously..!!! They had a supplier problem but had them in stock now. I explained i required the items for a ga
  12. Has just finished giving his ICS MP5A4 a service and forgot how good the ROF was! Summer + Woodland + MP5 = super light run and spray outfit

  13. Trying to find a good review of the ICS AK47U... anyone?

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    2. adadqgg


      All you need to know: you will love the VFC more and it is a AKs-74U, not ak"47"u.

    3. kaufmau


      i was considering it, would have got it too if my sale hadn't fallen through, not many around but there's a few on youtube


    4. Seraphim989


      I have the full length, it's a very good gun. There's my review

  14. My old ICS MP5A4... Does it still work after all these years in the loft?

  15. Just wanted to say that i placed my 1st FS order the other day and what a great service! Top notch and will be returning. I can't believe i have never listened to people sooner when they recommended you. Great guys running it and Frank replied really quickly to all my emails with perfect responces! Cheers guys
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