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  1. Still looking for more of these
  2. svman

    Tag launcher shells

    Still on the hunt for one more green gas tag launcher shell to finish off my set of rpg rockets for a vietnam weekender this summer.
  3. Sorted, grabbed one of zeroin.
  4. After some tag launcher shells, let me know if you have some to sell. Cheers
  5. You have PM sir
  6. Bump - still looking for a RPG-7 if anyone has one gathering dust. Willing to buy broken as well as working. Cheers
  7. svman

    WE Colt Junior

    I love it, so small you can use a pistol mag pouch as a holster.
  8. svman

    WE Colt Junior

    Mine arrived today and i'm very impressed with it. I think WE rely did a good job on these. Cant wait to rack up the kills with it. No more bang kills for me.
  9. Up for sale is a madbull xm-204hp 40mm shower shell. These shells are the best money can buy and retail for £75 + when purchased brand new. when you buy madbull shells you are paying for the quality of the machining work that goes into the shells production. This is why these shells are able to work reliably with high pressure gases like co2 and HPA and dont let you down like so many cheaply made alternatives. These shells rely shine when using co2 and provide excellent range even in the winter months, but they can also be used with HPA (must be regulated) green gas or propain. The shell is supplied gas tight and ready to rock and will also cone with some spare o rings for the internal valve core so if you do blow a seal you can be back in the game in under 3 minuits. As you can see from the pics this shell is mint and in like new condition. The price is £49.99 all in inclusive of paypal fees and recorded delivery to your door saving you around £30 of the price of buying brand new. Any questions please do drop me a pm. Cheers
  10. still on the hunt for more of these. If you have any to sell drop me a pm. cheers
  11. svman

    Madbull 200rd shower shell

    Would you take £27.50 all in posted for the 200 round shell? For some reason I cant pm you. Says you cant receive messages
  12. svman

    Madbull 200rd shower shell

    A bit of a long shot but you dont have any madbull pb4 shells to sell do you?

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