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  1. As thread title i'm after an A & k springer SVD. Not interested in the aeg version. Will buy broken, two tone and parts. Drop me a message if you have one to sell. Cheers
  2. Threaded barrle finally turned up today after months on the boat.
  3. The price includes 12 x shells. If you watch the unboxing/ un paint tinning videos it comes with them. Might be worth asking if they will sell it for less without the shells
  4. They have replied to my email saying they will have more available just after February
  5. I've asked them when they will have more. I'll roll the dice seeing as they except paypal.
  6. He's replied with the egalairsoftnhobby link. Whether thst is the manufacturer or one of the Chinese police traps I have no idea. Huge gamble I suppose
  7. Uk airsoft Community 2.0 Doesn't look like it's going anywhere. Just says that a friend says they are taking orders for $500 shipped. I would think if they were legitimatly manufacturing and selling them there would be a website
  8. Someone on a Facebook group has stated that the Chinese government delayed the release but that these are being manufactured again. I've asked for more details and source. Could well be total BS but if there is any truth to that statement I will be a very happy bunny indeed
  9. Bugger, that rely is a shame. Maybe they could sell the injection mold tooling to a company outside china one day?
  10. Awesome, thank you. Ive ordered the WE one as I quite like the chamfered / conical look at the threaded end.
  11. Ooooh just seen this. I didn't realise you could buy the threaded barrle separately. Ive just orderd mine and very reasonable at £23.04 shipped to the UK. What silencer is that you are using? Not sure which models will fit. Cheers
  12. I'll happily take any version I can get hold of.
  13. Found a website that says they are coming in soon and claiming free shipping world wide. No idea if its a legit company or not. https://www.eagleairsoftnhobby.com/products/armsel-striker
  14. Did they say when or if more would be coming in? Why are the truly great toys always so hard to get hold of. This product should be filing the warehouses of every airsoft retailer. Please, I only need one!!!😫
  15. Anybody good with Chinese? If someone can find out who is selling these as gel blasters in China we may be able to get some on the cheap. Gel blasters are usually quite competitively priced
  16. Interesting development, these may be originally marketed as gel blasters and then showguns have just sort of painted them black https://m.facebook.com/watch/?v=928424560984871&_rdr
  17. I'll look into it once I get my grubby mitts on one. There are some UK retailers that stock showguns products so hopefully should be able to get hold of one eventualy once they hit the market. Indexing would need to be pretty spot on to work with the APS shells I think. Any slight misalignment and you would have bbs and wadding jamming up the the drum.
  18. Thats about what they cost now but I bought all of mine many years ago and they were quite a bit cheaper. Thats inflation for you
  19. I've already got 60 plus of the madbull ss6 shells to run in too. I need one of these
  20. https://www.facebook.com/ShowGunsCustom/videos/663374510877629/ Now that is a must have in my book. Any uk retailers reading this please get me one ASAP
  21. Sounds great. I've sent you a pm. Cheers
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