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  1. On 11/30/2019 at 8:42 PM, Rob15 said:

    It's worth pointing out that if they do go out of business all their assets will get sold, and that is likely to include any licences, there is nothing to say any buyer of them would be any better than Cybergun for us, I'd say 50/50 chance, I guess if someone like ASG bought any licences from them they'd probably switch to different manufacturers.

    At least with someone else there's a literal half a chance some good might come.  Right now it's basically 0%.

  2. Yep tried all the theme settings, res matches.  Not sure what scaling is but I'll look in to it.

    I think the monitor has that but I'd end up with a pretty noticeable black line along the bottom permanently.  I also get the feeling that the pixels that are now highlighted for long periods would also end up getting temporarily stuck and they'd be higher in my view that way, I do get the idea though.  For now I've moved the whole taskbar up along the left edge of the screen which is super weird and nasty but I'll see what ASUS replies to me with.

  3. Monitor issue.  The taskbar in windows 10 puts a highlight around currently running programs with a couple of pixels at the very bottom edge of the screen that are double-highlighted.  The highlight being stuck on the same colour for many hours is causing stuck pixels with increasing regularity.

    I tried changing the colour scheme of windows to something grey and neutral but the problem persists  Auto-hiding the task bar still shows the slim highlighted line at the very bottom of the display at all times.  Looked around online but nobody else seems to be having this and I can't figure out how to disable it in windows, which seems pretty ridiculous.   Any ideas anyone might have would be great.

  4. Anyone seen anybody doing conversions on the hi-caps?

    Just spit balling really, I want to add a few somewhat-practical ww2 guns to my collection but I can't stand hi-caps.  All I have right now is a KA thompson which is fine and all but not my favourite weapon of the period.  Had 2 ICS Garands but they let me down, the RWA No4 turned out to be kinda and G&G obviously haven't released theirs yet. 

  5. On 8/30/2019 at 5:07 PM, Skarclaw said:

    Negative Airsoft based in reading seems to be the top tsch at the moment.

    On the one hand it talks like he knows a lot, but having met him quite a few times he doesn't even vaguely give me the professional vibe of a person with attention to detail that I'm looking for (how many times do you actually need to say *Ubar* in a video?).  I'd be a tad dubious I'll be honest.

    On 8/30/2019 at 5:39 PM, bladerunner168 said:

    I would probably get a G&P GB shell and use prommy internals.

    The AR15 G&P hop unit is also decent too from memory, pair it with a Prommy 6.03 inner barrel an Prommy hop bucking and nub (purple).

    The G&P motor was pretty decent too, as were the Systema's.

    Tech, have had no real issues with John @Wolf Armouries, he's solid but he's busy.   

    Sounds like the sort of thing I'd had in mind, any specific reason for the G&P shell specifically?

    Are Wolf better these days in general?

    19 hours ago, Wingmann said:

    For internal parts, I'd probably go with SHS, including the motor. 13:1 gears, torque motor, full metal rack piston, decent cylinder and head, maybe one of those one-piece ones.
    Powair6 has a very nice and cheap CNC M4 hop chamber for 13.90€. I have one and it's very well made.

    On electronics, I have several Titans, but I don't like the GATE's approach to firmware. They sell you a cheap one without enough adjustment options and ask you for more money in order to unlock the rest.
    There are a couple of CZ companies making new electronics for AEGs that look very nice. Go optical in any case.

    Add a quality hop rubber and a Prommy, PDI or EdGI barrel and you are golden.

    I've seen a lot of spotty reports on SHS, not really what I'd intended to use truth be told.    Any specific recommendations on the electronics front?

  6. 11 hours ago, Hatchet said:

    agreed. Whilst it's nice to see them on youtube, there's a lot of "this gun is great" and no actual disassembly, looking at the gearbox, reporting on proprietary parts, etc. Would be useful to know if it uses it's own custom mosfet setup or if a Gate/Spectre is a drop in (or HPA) and so on.

    Despite the annoyance of small mag capacity and limited battery size in the sliding stock I am always on the lookout for more MP5 options. I blame every 80's action movie ever for this.

    Hopefully there is an depth review written somewhere online on the Avalons, though given the death of forums and most FB groups being Closed/Secret it's not terribly likely.  AFAIK the VFC/Avalon MOSFETs are their own thing as with most fets that come in a gun, that's only a guesstimate though.

    One YT 'review' claims the guns in question are RS spec externally and does show a real handguard fitted to add weight to that argument, though I think given the tolerances in question you've probably got more chance fitting a real handguard than stock given the tight fitting of the stock caps on MP5s.  If real stocks work though there are many options out there, though strangely the real MP5k has even more options and adapters than the MP5.

    9 hours ago, Gunmane said:

    AFAIK the LCT models (some of which WGC seems to already be selling/listing up at least ak wise) don't have any upgraded internals save for the motor and whatever is needed for the bolt.  Been hearing mostly negative things from the few who got kits of the strain on the gearbox being too much.

    Not too surprising, doesn't fill me with confidence with regard the LCT.  The AKs seem to sound nice, probably feel decent to shoot and cycle the action, but I wouldn't bet too much on the long term reliability and I doubt the semi response will be stellar, though happy to be proved wrong when they release their offering of course.  If it stopped on empty I think I'd wait quite happily, but I've not heard of them planning to do that which leaves the choice a bit more open ended.

  7. I nearly posted the exact same topic the same day you did GW.  According to the product descriptions of the EF/Avalon brand AEGs that are offered on Evike and AirsoftGI (around $350) they have stamped steel uppers and nylon lowers.  In an effort to cross-reference and confirm that I've watched a few video 'reviews' however all the ones I've found so far are made by people who clearly want to cater to the lowest common denominator and provide SWEET FA in terms of actual detail about the materials and internal specs.

    I'd imagine the LCT externals will tick the right boxes for us more discriminating buyers, no idea if they'll bother with a MOSFET or generally with internals that'll have the crisp response in semi that most people are probably looking for when when they plan to use these things indoors.

  8. So I picked up a set of the G&P 'Deluxe' receivers (Magpul lower) some years ago, which were damn pricey on initial release and are some of the few real, quality aluminium receivers made for AEGs; presumably CNC rather than forged.  Also have a really nice Erathr3 M-LOK handguard to go on the front and a proper PTS pistol grip from the golden era where they had the actual Magpul logos on (rather than the earlier generic texture surface) that I think only got made for a short while before the license was pulled.

    That's all I've got so far though and I've long been meaning to make these in to an example of a sort of old-school example of a premium AEG that would've been the thing many people aimed for before TM recoils and the more commonplace functional GBBR (let alone GBLS and remote-air guns).

    I don't even know where to set a budget for internals as I want to basically get someone to build me a really excellent all around performer, highly reliable and snappy with no chance of lock-ups on semi but I don't take nearly as much of an interest in RIFs as I do in kit.  I'd like to think given the proliferation of MOSFETs that wouldn't be such a big ask these days, but I don't know of a better place to ask for advice than here and frankly I doubt there is one.  The basic premise is not quite going to the level of Siegetek gears, but probably Prometheus kinda level for internal parts.  I know I've seen some gearboxes out there with built-in hops that looked very nice, can't remember the brand name but they do fancy triggers, selectors and fake mag-releases etc in many colours of anodisation.  So yeah, recommendations for parts and/or highly skilled, knowledgeable, reliable and trust-worthy techs in this field very much welcome.

    Also any hints on quality AEG parts like buffer tubes and outer barrels.  I'd be somewhat surprised if any actually exist that are at all better than what every standard manufacturer slaps on their guns, but I figured it's best to ask on the slim chance some niche Japanese website offers a higher quality part.

    This is something I've been planning for years and will be investing in to significantly in terms of cost an effort so all good info is appreciated and will be put to use.

  9. A padded 2 point sounds like it might be the way to go, though I'm not sure exactly what you have right now.

    I've been using BFG Vickers for years, never had any complaints.  Magpul padded MS1 is very nice too.  Not tried the Ferro slingster but a lot of folks seem to enjoy it; there's tons of options in the same category really.

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  10. For some reason I can't stop the bell ringing even though the PM button literally right next to it shows I have a new message in my inbox.  Turning off the bell notification of a new PM is disabled by admin apparently, any chance of changing that please?

  11. Heck even TAGs have got some adoption and a reasonable standing amongst the community, long as you don't market your new widget as the Pain Dealer 6000 'It Really *fruitcage*s The Other Guy!' like AI did with the duck-moscart you're usually alright within reason.

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  12. On 8/14/2019 at 8:49 PM, DarkLite said:

    Finally managed to find a VFC 9" HK417 rail for sale that wasn't silly expensive.


    (I dunno if that's what you were actually going for, just something that came to mind.  I think the Russian side had that camo as an unlock too.. maybe..)



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