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  1. Nothing much mate, I was just having a photo-op afternoon with my 1911s and stuck this together.


    It's just my KJW A1 with repro WWII wood grips, TM extended magazine put in and a G-Code OSH. I only bought the pistol itself for training and drills to save the wear on my TMs (since the KJW is cheap and takes the mags I already had).

  2. Someone managed to get a brown AK-74 pistol grip on to an M4 of some kind a while back in one of the picture threads, it'd take some trawling to find but it did look seriously crazy. If anyone can do the reverse and fit the AK stock and front-set to an AR it'd be a lot more impressive in terms of the technical achievement compared to what I've done (not that building this was exactly quick or easy).

  3. WH: Ah, the AK ones you meant, my mistake. It did actually come with a solid black plastic stock but obviously for maximising the OTT tactical-ness that had to go I'm afraid. Plus the KA plastic was really rather rubbish so it wasn't a bad thing to be honest. Beta project mags are very good for M4 mag pouches I'm finding, which is handy.


    Glad you like it Cannon, I set out to make it as ridiculous as possible and I'd say I actually managed it fairly well.

  4. I was mainly going for the absolute maximum rape factor rather than just a slightly updated AK, but thanks, appreciate it.


    The trick eHobby missed was using the bloody MOE handguards, you need a free floating rail with these things, anything that still requires the delta ring looks just plain awful. Sadly the full M16 stock wouldn't really work as it's much wider at the point it meets the receiver, it would fix on and everything but you'd end up with a big open hole at the front just below the point it attaches unfortunately.


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