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  1. Jeez now I've gotta follow a Lebel with my normal tacticool ..
  2. Ah nice, so you can maintain a fire cadance by the rear end of the pump stroke causing your finger to fire off the Sweeper. That'll keep their heads down.
  3. Some builds I've finished in the last year or so. If I went by my usual social media schedule I'd end up not posting them for a couple of years which feels a waste so just overviews for now and I'll post more later. Krytac LVOA-S KWA LM4c TM SOCOM
  4. If you don't do a hoe next and overlay some straight gangsta bars on to the reveal video we're not friends anymore.
  5. What kind of setup you have going on there with the tubes?
  6. New TM. Eventually I'll sort some type of gucci US civvie build, for now I've got an HK F stock on the way and will probably get a real standard plastic handguard too for this original look. Wanted the SF 628 but oh lord no not for that much; may just get a GBB lighted forend.
  7. Damn.. now I want the AVS pack just to try it with my chest rig.. *fruitcage*. How's the integration?
  8. Agree with all the above basically. What brand is the optic claw? I'm gonna go for the Midwest either way, just trying to accumulate info.
  9. It'd make for a nice receiver for a base and of course chopping the barrel is possible, but I'm pretty certain me and someone with a good workshop would have to rivet a new rear trunnion to get what I want and I have no idea how outer barrels/gas block inner diameters vary between brands in order to fit the 100 series type block with integral front sight. Doable with enough time, money and skill but you're talking about as big of a commitment to a build as I can pretty much imagine short of metal working something from scratch lol. TM I'm concerned r.e. the very Russian way these handgua
  10. Hm, well cheers guys definitely saved me leaping before looking and getting the wrong thing. I'm leaning more towards a Sureshot Armament setup than Zenitco to be honest, but overall if there isn't a 105 type gun out there yet that has the proper receiver length I'll have to either put this on hold or limit it to an indoor only style of build setup (for my personal needs). Is there even a way to get Real Swords anymore? In my head I thought NPO made an conventional calibre AK setup, but apparently not at the moment. Kalashnikov have put out videos promoting airsoft releases multiple ti
  11. I recently decided to actually take a bit of time to understand the zenitco handguards and now all that stuff makes sense to me I think it's time to get my first ever AK. The parts should be relatively easy to source I think but good base guns seem in short supply and prices are climbing sharpish so I want to lock that bit down. I want to put a real folding stock, top cover and handguard on primarily, the other little bits I can wait to figure out down the line. Far as I can gather, the main things to worry about in these regards are the lower front of the receiver below the hop for the
  12. CAR springs to mind, and while that's a stupid system for shooting outside of the most confined of spaces I'd say it's the equivalent to this method for a firearm that has exposed moving parts (i.e. a slide). Once you enclose a bolt in a receiver then adding that 3rd point of contact does really seem to work. I think it has a lot more value in a firearm given the difficulty of shooting stock-less firearms vs stock-less airsoft, but making yourself way more compact when you go through a corridor etc certainly makes sense. Given (obviously) s=d/t you can certainly target transition faster thi
  13. Why's that a surprise? I can't see any reason the Japanese market would want quick spring change. Aren't most pistons plastic? And don't their bushings last an insanely long time in the stock form they design their guns to be used in? Sure I'd love better bearings and quick change but I have absolutely no expectation for TM to build those things in from the factory.
  14. Lovely. I did some thinking recently and came to the conclusion the lower is just about the optimum AR setup for bb warz.
  15. DCA has a pre-order up at £550 though last I looked - gulp.
  16. I could see that taking a while, if they even transition pre-this-gun models over to the better stuff. I've no idea if it'd require new moulds and other machine stuff tbh. Sure would make the SCARs and G36s a lot better.
  17. Nice one. Guess now I have to go research how real MP5 production has changed between now and the 90s - get the feeling it'll be to do with super nuances of welding.
  18. Yeah I'm sold, I'll swap a steel body for some recoil, bolt functions and TM quality - pretty damn certain there'll be a good aftermarket. https://www.hyperdouraku.com/event/marufes_ol4/index.html
  19. GHK gas may be interesting (not sure if they have any plans?) but given LCT's EBB reviews so far I'd not sure I'd be hopeful for it; unless they've turned things around? I considered the ICS of course, nice option for sure but I don't know the external dimensions whereas I know the Avalons allow RS stocks, handguards and sight rails to fit right on. To me, when it comes down to it, I find that I think I care about steel and realistic outsides a lot, but I end up caring about that a lot less than I care about the assuring reliability and predictable good performance (usually of a TM) as s
  20. Given the state of MP5 offerings out there that I've seen, I'd very strongly consider either. Been properly after a good one for almost a year now, doesn't look like the steel Avalons are getting made again, not sure I even want to wait for the LCT. One day someone will make a highly reliable and generally solid performing EBB/GBB with the realistic externals we want out of the box. Not sure when, but I'm not sure what's more likely - TM doing steel or VFC doing great insides.
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