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  1. Regards the fuse connectors, those gold bits should just 'pull' away from the wires if that makes sense, there's a very small push fit connector there normally; at least on my TM M4s and my brother's G&P there is. I guess manufacturers aren't always going to be consistent between models though so possibly they did things differently on yours, I'll take a look at that pic when you have it.


    I've never ever heard of anyone fitting a NiMh inside a KAC RIS either to be honest, the space in there is tiny. The few people who have put a battery inside one always use 3-stick nunchuk type lipos.

  2. Whoo, L119, good luck mate, here's my GBBr as a random reference picture:




    The one thing that stood out to me, was that you should have been able to get that fuse disconnected from the rest of the wiring and not have needed to snip it, do you think you could post up a pic of all the wiring that's protruding from the front of the receiver?


    Apart from that, your parts list sounds accurate, wish you all the best with the build.

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