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  1. Previous iterations of the TM from a few months back. Right now it looks more like @bladerunner168's, though in the process of fitting the MLOK I snapped the pathetically weak little bit that sticks out of the GB and interacts with the last-round stop tab on the mags, so it's currently disassembled. Poser vs Actually setup for when I've used it
  2. Posted what looks exactly like this before I think, but it had the pure M-LOK/no picatinny rail from ALG before and I think I changed the charging handle to a Radian style.
  3. I think they try and do some interesting stuff of their own, which is something at least, but man they talk a big game and don't ever seem to deliver much (other than in the aesthetics department).
  4. Not my work but I've had a few of these made in different camos over the past couple of years. Have been talking with a couple of different companies, hopefully within a few months they'll actually be available and in just about every camo that you can get gear made in.
  5. That's my bad, should've known. Thanks for trying though bud.
  6. Actually ponied up for a proper fancy pants charger with LED screens and everything.  Only took 14 years.

  7. Trying find anything much in FG these days - not the easiest.
  8. Basic *badgeress* question, I'm assuming these BBUs make steel slides viable?
  9. Crye G3s, I dunno when they were made or who they were issued to but they've never been sold commercially in this combo of fabric and camo. You can get Drifires from AG-Tac, but for NYCO you just got to constantly scour every 2nd hand sales venue on the internet - which is where all the really rare stuff comes from.
  10. She's come a long way the old girl, I'd be interested to read the parts list.
  11. A few rare birds. Up until a couple of days ago I hadn't been home where any of my kit is for about 10 weeks since the start of lockdown, been waiting a long while to get this layout shot done.
  12. Does it take much alteration?
  13. I looked a little while back and there was no ACR adapter for the TM SCARs, subsequently I have a veeeery similar setup on my Mk16 rear-end to bladerunner's.
  14. I'm not sure about different packaging, but yeah as I say there's never been like a Gen 2 or anything where the entire line changed. The AK models had a revamp specifically where they changed to having stop-on-empty and obviously they've released many more AR variants and the Minimi is interesting but that's all. We can but hope that one day they'll move over to setting the guns up with deans and mosfets etc vs the 8.4v nimh obsolescence they're still happy to sit on (obviously you can run them on 7.4 lipos, I know and I do, but they're not selling lipos or really building the guns with them
  15. They were always called NGRS, nothing's changed with them (as is TM's habit). I'm not sure they were ever cheap as you're remembering though lol.
  16. Some of my rigs that I took photos of years ago and put on the ol' socials but not here. Have been a few little changes but not all that much. Most FirstSpear here, some Tyr, bits of BFG, TT, HSGI, Flimmuur, G-Code and Safariland. The front plate bag and shoulder straps on the RG PC are scratch built, as are the triple 556 placards though they've since been sold and I use replacements that accepts Spiritus inserts these days.
  17. Almost ran out of camos to get now, a lot of these are just slightly newer/better condition replacements for bits I already have.
  18. Looking for a Foliage rear MBUS (PTS or Magpul) in the unlikely event someone has a dusty old one knocking around.

    1. hitmanNo2


      Dye an FDE one?  Not sure how well it would work but if you're desperate...

    2. TheFull9


      Turned out F-S still has 12 PTS ones in stock, lol.

  19. I'm most impressed that you grew such a strong tache.
  20. Krytac in its guise from about 18 months ago, it's in the process of getting a V7 stoopid-light M-LOK forend (amongst other changes).
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