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  1. Scratch built front panel and shoulder straps (not be my ofc).
  2. I figured I went OTT enough but yes, I'll let you off without actually hitting yourself on a mountain. Just this once, since I'm a nice chap and all.
  3. Do you take yourself up a Swedish mountain, kneel in the snow and flog your own back with a pine branch every time your white balance is too far off? I hope so. You deserve to suffer and you should feel bad for assaulting our eyes with all these terrible chromatic aberrations. Definitely.
  4. That's how you do it. How close is it to the screen gun? Be interested to know about some of the smaller changes/parts/details as well.
  5. Soz,. rule break - I've got an actual ton of gear to shift, so if you're after some decent stuff cheaply (especially if you wear a small shirt) take a gander: https://flic.kr/s/aHsjPXJkHw

  6. Log off, play MGS 3, 5, 1, 2 then 4. Then come back. It makes sense.
  7. First UR-Tac US4CES I've seen, nice stuff. Modded parka or something else?
  8. Not my first order actually. The stitching isn't quite Crye (but it's not far off), but then the prices are quite a lot lower. The stretch panels on the trousers are too thin for my liking, but the shirt torso is the same stuff CP use. Personally when I'm going in for some really unusual old camo I know it's going to be worn a couple of times indoors and otherwise be a show piece, so I keep mil surp/proper high end gear for more regular use in any sort of environment that might be hard on clothing.
  9. Whoring around pics of this set. Love 'em.
  10. My SCAR-Ls been poorly for a while, managed to track one of these down (wasn't too easy though). Don't be tempted to grab a regular AEG mag because it's nearby so you can pretend you're Costa when alone in your room with your SCAR. That's what a friend told me.
  11. We've had this thread in other guises before in other sections, but I feel that one in here General where you can post literally any guns/gear/parts/whatever tacticool shiz, makes more sense. For the participation levels we have here now, having the little content that gets posted as massively-split and widely distributed (vs condensed and concise) doesn't make any sense to my mind - exemplified by the fact we have so many archived picture threads. I won't be able to contribute regularly myself because my gear comes along like buses, but the idea is simple: when anything new shows
  12. Thought you had a front sight mounted Glock for a sec then.
  13. Anyone remember the name of the first 'indie' game on steam? You played a robot being attached by robots pirates on a space station, had to go around the place fixing everything.

    1. hitmanNo2


      Someone had better know. Now I really want to know what it is.

    2. aznriptide859
    3. TheFull9


      lol, nah that's waaaaay newer. This was a proper 3D 3rd person game, no combat just puzzles. I had the bloody demo of it but I can't even find it on google now.

  14. All that effort then photobucket strikes. Gutted. So glad I switched over years ago when it seemed like it was going downhill, there's probably a few dozen thousand good images posted on airsoft boards around the world that nobody can see anymore.
  15. You forgot the glass breaker on the silencer so you can melee kill people in other counties.
  16. RAID modded issue BDU shirt. Dessie night parka (and liner) chopped down/up and generally changed in all sorts of way. Unfortunately the bloke who did the work took something around 6 months to get my stuff back to me (after initially quoting something like 6 weeks when I paid him) and has now shut the business.
  17. Pretty rare to see something that isn't a 416 or a MkSOPMODBlock69 these days so yeah, fair one. I pretty much reserve anything over an 11.5 for outdoor games, so no need for a light. I never use lasers for skirmishing and I don't own an IR yet for weekenders, so no box. Also stopped bothering with BUIS years ago, it was weight and money for something I quite literally never ever touched and I rarely go for foregrips now, doubly so on longer guns. The KAG I got for about $9 in a sale at HSP for the looks, don't even like the feel of it on there. The 'sister' to this gun is pretty much
  18. Cheers for getting that grip on there mate, really rounds it all out.
  19. The T-1 is a nasty knock-off since I don't have a mount for my real one, but other than that, this thing is actually 'done' externally. I'll have to get better pictures some time once the optic's sorted, but I wanted to get some out there now since it took so damn long to fully-BCM it. I had the KMR on there aaages ago and the other accessories were fairly random, but when Dytac brought out their pistol grips I figured hey let's go for it. Sourcing the newer style stock, KeyMod bits and the right replica compensator from all over the damn planet took a while but it's by far my best handling
  20. Best to switch over from photobucket. Same advice for anyone.
  21. American soldier. German.. person. Both WW2.
  22. The world needs to see a pipe rifle style, super ghetto last-ditch VSR build.
  23. Pretty sexual. The dream AK build I've had in my head for years is pretty bloody close to that in a 105 length.
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