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  1. Tinkerton
    So yeah. Apprenticeships. good idea, right? getting young people into 'skilled' trades, getting them decent money, and getting the rest of the public more plumbers to overcharge them when their water pipes burst.
    sounds like a good plan, until you read the small print.

    thats not all though.

    So, essentially, if you started an apprenticeship at 16, you could be paid... whatever the *fruitcage* your employer wanted to pay you for three years. which, handily, is how long most apprenticeships take.
    so yeah. I'm trying to save for a wedding, learn to drive, pay rent to my parents, and generally live, on £440 a month. let me tell you, thats NOT easy.
    So, i've come to a crossroads. my parents are driving me mad (for reasons i really can't be arsed to explain) and so i want to move out.
    problem is, i CAN'T on £440 a month. that wont even rent me an unfurnished single bedroomed flat around here.
    so, i can either stick with my job, and carry on living at home, trying not to commit murder, or i can try and get a new job, which pays the minimum wage (nearly TWICE what i get atm) and move out.
    Answers on teh back of a postcard, please (or in the poll)
  2. Tinkerton
    Bit odd, isn't it? I mean, here I am, sat at a computer, doing pretty much what I would be doing if I [wasn't/i] at work, but I'm getting paid to do this...
    onlly problem is, doing an apprenticeship, i get paid around half the national minimum wage, which to be hoenst, i'm not entirely sure is legal... could anyone advise me about that?
    Meh, i get paid, more than i can say for university.
    Anyway, to 'problems with sales online'. As some of you might know, i've currently got a thread up there, fair enough, i have (still not resolved) a problem with Airsoft World.
    what gets me is the latest post about a certain brand of digital audio music player.... As it strikes me, the person who SOLD the DAP (digital audio player, for those that don't know) has been very reasonable, and it's understandable for him to be away from a computer, or not have access to the internet at least for some of it. as stated by the buyer

    That made me laugh. Up until about a year ago, i still couldn't get broadband. I still know friends on dial up, and i know for a fact that very few of the smaller, third world countries have such a fascination with the internet as western europe and america does.
    over all, it seems to me like the seller is completely in the right. He's offered a refund, pending the return of said DAP, or a payment towards the repairs.
    the buyer dont like this, though, and it just makes me laugh. He's been rumbled, trying to get money out of a seller, and as he's gone public, theres no way he can back down without proving that he was having the seller on.
    Watch and observe, and laugh at silly people who buy things!
    Comments welcome, btw.
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