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  1. if the general gist of what you're saying is what i think it is (nobody really cares about what i write here, so why do i bother?) then you're delusional. smile.gif


    You're blog's fantastic. saying things that many many other people are thinking. I mean that Anti-Religionator entry, it's genius. how many people would actually have the balls to stand up and say "each and every religion is a load of *beep*, wrapped up in a lie, concealled in an enigma, swallowed by a mystery." ?


    not many, hippy, not many.


    So, i salute you.


    The Proud, The Few,

    The Bloggers

  2. one of the many reasons im now an ex'christian. too much ######s about everything. i had to sit through the funeral of one of my closest freinds, and possibly the nicest person i've ever known, and listen to some old tart prattle on about how "he'll be safe now...". ######s will he. you're just lying through your teeth... >_>


    couldnt read all of it, as too much text hurts my eyes etm (need an eye test/glasses) but i agree with most points.

  3. i reckon its about... as heavy as a big AEG. G3 SG1 or so. not as heavy as an LMG or such, but still more than the average AEG.


    Considering it is full metal, though (seriously, everthing apart from the plastic wood) its not too bad. It's well balanced, and you can always get a sling for it smile.gif.


    As for the cocking side of things, its a bit tricky, but once you've done it a few times, i doubt it'll phase you much. I reckon its about the same as an upgraded VSR or so, but slightly more awkward, due to the wierd bolt handle.


    Get one. Hell, even if you dont use it, get one. it's just THAT nice biggrin.gif


  4. Hello Mitsuko! terribly sorry to hear that you couldnt stay for the cold war, but i know how important education is! tongue.gif


    Dont worry about ghost, i'll look after him fine, also, i'll give him the flashhider form my spets this weekend, so your little baby will have a nice new looking front end! huzzah!


    glad to hear you had a good time, i've got a mate lives in peckham, plays sometimes at EW.


    anyways, best go and fondle the SVD some more. biggrin.gif


    take care.


    Yarr! Faeries!



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