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  1. I just did just this. Ryzen 5 2600 and 16gb ram. Get a decent 2nd gen mobo (I went B450) and you should be set for a while in terms of upgrades.
  2. So the interview for the race car company I had scheduled for tomorrow has been cancelled due to, and I quote: " significant change in circumstance around the position, and as such the position has been filled and unfortunately not available any longer. " Sad tink.
  3. I've been pretty unhappy at work for a while now. Whilst waiting to do my driving instructor stuff again I sort of soldiered on and put up with it. Had a decent amount of time off over Christmas and last week I started applying for stuff. Had a phone call this morning to say I e got an interview doing parts for a racing car manufacturer closer to home than my current job. That's made me happy. Less customers, better customers, less bureaucracy... Fingers crossed, eh?
  4. Justice - cross is a brilliant album. Also, Royksopp Monument (with Robyn, I think) is one of my favourite songs. Chemical brothers + beck + wide open is amazing also.
  5. Clone of Punk IPA. Not seeing much airlock activity yet, which is odd.
  6. Backup the stuff you need then reformat? Burn an Ubuntu live usb and get at the data that way?
  7. If it's shooting in auto when it should be in semi it has to be a cutoff problem.
  8. Key the surface well, then a few coats of high gloss black, probably better to get a good brand like hycote or something. Flatten it down then two coats of lacquer, wetsand and finish with a mild cutting compound on a hex pad on the double action polisher. Finish up with a few coats of your wax of choice, I like dodo juice supernatural hybrid wax.
  9. Take it all apart, all the way, put it back together. V3 gearboxes are the best
  10. but that's super tempting, because some of those people are dickheads. temperature currently 37.3 which is lower than I thought, and apparently fairly normal. we'll see how I feel later, been unsurprisingly not hungry but starting to get peckish now.
  11. NHS online and 111 say it's doesn't require medical attention yet. using paracetamol and ibuprofen at intervals to help, which is what they advised. TBH the thing thats irritating me the most is the very productive cough. Also I probably have to go into work tomorrow as it's end of month/ end of quarter and we're £17k short of our parts purchase target.
  12. Got a proper thermometer yesterday, not the foot long one I use for brewing beer. 39.9 Celsius last night, been slowly dropping by not by much. I am a poorly boy
  13. worst nights sleep in a long long time, got home last night and promptly crawled into bed and developed a fever. I am ill. I hate being ill.
  14. If I know Ginge at all (and sadly I do ) he won't have thought you were rubbing it in at all. 10 years for me and Mrs Tink in November. It has its ups and downs but in balance I'm very, very glad to have her.
  15. I BOTTLED THE BEER I MADE! Now just the agonising wait until it's ready to drink.
  16. But did you get more fake ice lollies? I have also been intentionally watching things go wrong at work due to a mistake on someone else's part. I am tired of carrying other people when the reason they need carrying is apathy.
  17. Anker makes good stuff. Aukey also make good stuff. Either of them won't see you wrong.
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