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  1. Brew York. They're (funnily enough) based in York, and make some truly cracking beers.
  2. So it turns out my local (and favourite) brewery runs a home brew club, which is super cool. Going to pop along and meet fellow beer nerds, I think!
  3. It's something I'm not worried about but am making note of for when I start to teach driving. People will always break the law, and run risks, doubly so when they think they can get away with it, or it's a 'victimless' crime. Sometimes the best thing is to just let a faster car go past. Red light jumpers get my goat though. Not as much as people that don't / won't indicate or pay attention to road signs, or one way systems in car parks though. Special level of hell for them.
  4. yarp, audi S3/golf GTI/ leon cupra coils are apparently very good for the 9A engine which will be going in my corrodo.
  5. You're all just jealous. We're facing a beholder tomorrow in our D&D group. So far we've fought groups of skeletons, a wyvern, an encampment or orcs, gobbos and assorted dickheads, an evil necromancer person, and a dragonborn with a guard drake. So far I have not been concerned with dieing. I am very very scared of the beholder.
  6. I'm (eventually) doing away with the dizzy on the corrodo, and will (eventually) be changing to coil-on-plug. Because engine swaps aren't complicated enough already...
  7. I do. But only through a combination of nefarious powers and accidents.
  8. So how would one go about gaining access to this mythical cheap bar...? Congratulations mate.
  9. Can't find my corrado keys. Which also has the garage door keys on the same keyring. And the main gate keys for the lockup. On the same keyring. *suitcase* balls.
  10. I genuinely spat my coffee out over that this morning.
  11. At the very least we need internal dimensions and floorplan of it.
  12. Not so lucky this time, got caught in 4hours worth of traffic jam after a crash closed the M62 after dropping our keys off to our old landlords and signing everything off. 4 hours to go one junction. I know the emergency services need room to work but there's go to be some way of opening at least one lane to get the people stuck off the roads, surely?
  13. By all accounts it can be a lot of work but worth it in the end. I'm lucky as the floor in mine is relatively smooth already, and I'm hoping the vague self leveling properties will sort out the little peaks and troughs...
  14. Very nice! Also good drills keeping a fire extinguisher in there. I'm looking at epoxy floors for mine before I move the corrado on proper.
  15. Nice! Got the TV set up and boxes organised in the new house. Finally starting to come together.
  16. As I understand it, most of those dual SIM thingos are a combination slot, so it's either a second sim OR the microsd card. I'm definitly considering one when I start driving instructoring though.
  17. Got the phonecall that it had all gone through at 11:45, pretty happy to be fair. Probably 80% of the stuff moved over now, just the last odds and sods to go today. Stupidly excited.
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