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  1. Nice! Got the TV set up and boxes organised in the new house. Finally starting to come together.
  2. As I understand it, most of those dual SIM thingos are a combination slot, so it's either a second sim OR the microsd card. I'm definitly considering one when I start driving instructoring though.
  3. Got the phonecall that it had all gone through at 11:45, pretty happy to be fair. Probably 80% of the stuff moved over now, just the last odds and sods to go today. Stupidly excited.
  5. There's room enough behind the garage (just) for a shed workshop and / or brewery...
  6. Gonna do that eventually, or a rumble strip type thing on the floor.
  7. Had the 'home tour' of our new place yesterday, in prep for getting the keys tomorrow. I'm so excited. LOOK AT MAH GARAGE!!?!1!!
  8. On the good advice of our mutual friend Stunt, I had some Monster Ultra Violet the other day. It's like a grapey vimto. It was very, very nice.
  9. I had a great time at fencing yesterday. Really starting to get a good feel for distances and actually doing something when I miss an attack instead of standing like a lemon waiting to get hit. Also worked a fair amount of work related stress out, which is nice.
  10. A moderator never faffs. He involves himself in high visibility community policing.
  11. Ugh. I hate working Saturdays. It's either quiet as the grave or mentally busy. No happy middle ground.
  12. Stunt joined in 2006. I joined in 2004. Shmook, you were late 2007, Hitman you were 2005. However, I vaguely remember the forum updating/changing and having to re-register or something.
  13. We don't talk about the other forums...
  14. gaffa tape is waterproof. Jobbed.
  15. Bloody hell Hedg. Hoping for a swifter recovery!
  16. I'll bear that in mind, not that surprised but at least they're overpriced but good, not just overpriced. The one I have was a gift from a supplier, so not my money! I like Anker stuff, so if I need one in the future I'll keep them in mind.
  17. We've had a Bose Soundlink Colour at work for about two and a half years now as a replacement for a radio, bloody fantastic sound for the size they are!
  18. Same here, Hedg. Hope everything gets much better very soon.
  19. well of course. Doesn't mean we've all done it.
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