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  1. WE'RE BACK AGAIN. Apologies folks, the new server saw all the bat *suitcase* stuff we were up to and ran away screaming.
  2. Oh, I'll have to look into that when I move into our new house. Never had dual fuel before, so that'll be nice
  3. Pictures thread for Pictures. Not discussion and/or arguements. Definitely not discussion of real steel stuff. Thread cleaned up, don't do it again.
  4. North Devon sounds about right. All it would need is to change the cross roads to staggered so you HAD to stop. Super simple stuff.
  5. I was reading an article a while back about one of the most dangerous junctions in the UK. Can't remember exactly where, think it's out south-west somewhere, but it's a main road with a B road intersecting it as a cross roads... at the perfect angle to obscure a car coming down the main road in the blind spot behind your A pillar. The constant bearing, decreasing range means you go 'sweet, nothing coming!", aim to go straigh over the main road without stopping, and end up instead in the side of a car...
  6. one the one hand that's a shame, on the other, you can kind of understand it.
  7. I just send them the exact same two questions until I get two distinct answers...
  8. Huh. I'm not sure if I'd enjoy that job or not...
  9. Oh yeah, I'm in no way complaining about that. News suggests it was a static caravan on a trailer that fell off after somehow breaching the central reservation. Air ambulance appears to have attended but no confirmed injuries yet. Sadly looks like I'll have to plan extra time to get in to work tomorrow as it's reported it 'could' be closed for rush hour tomorrow also. Balls. Just made me aware of actually how much we rely on the motorway network in this country - we don't really maintain or upgrade side routes (even A-roads) if there's a motorway.
  10. Crash on the M62 this morning meant my usual 45/50 minute drive home took nearer 2 hours. Trying to fit a whole motorways worth of traffic on B and C roads through villages is not fun...
  11. At least you're getting help bro. That's good. Hit me up if you need to chat.
  12. Feeling mostly back to normal now, however Mrs Tink reversed into a neighbours car yesterday and now needs a new tailgate for her car. Balls. Fortunately it's not bad and still secure and water tight but that's going to be a pain finding one in the right colour. Typically, the land rover discovery she reversed into looks no different at all...
  13. Feel like death microwaved to a horrible lukewarm miasma. I think it was the soup I had for lunch. Going to bed.
  14. Down in Norfolk for a family wedding this weekend. Managed to have a lovely day meeting a load of the in-laws family and today my parents came over for lunch as well with my neice in tow which was really great, first time I've seen her in around 5 years.
  15. Arn is waiting on some things in order to update the board software and migrate to a newer server. Not sure why the outrages are more common, possibly all these spambots wreaking havoc somehow...
  16. Fnar. My character accidentally insulted an orc shaman, has slightly ostracised the rest of the party over a secret choice he has to make, and has bought the entire towns supply of throwing spears... Good fun.
  17. DIBS ON ALL THE OLD CLICKY CLACKY KEYBOARDS! if it says Dell, IBM, ALPS, Cherry, Unicomp or Apple I'm interested!
  18. Banhammer is a strong sounding name. Like, a porter or double IPA or something. Far beyond the humble beginnings of little old me. Maybe in a few years for Arniegeddon: Ressurection... Scorch: No idea, honestly, it's the Everyday IPA kit from Brooklyn Brewshop. Doesnt specify it's full grain, so probably not. TBH if this one is successful i'll start looking at flinging together my own recipes. I've got a document full of beer names waiting to be matched with beers...
  19. Got a home brewing kit for my birthday. Absolutely cannot wait to get started but apparently its a lot easier on a gas stove, which I don't have until we move into our new house in June . Ideas for beer names, folks?
  20. ITS SHRIVEN! HE'S ALIVE! HE'S being his usual rude self again. How rude.
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