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  1. I don't mind Ikea / flat pack stuff. For the price that most of it is, it does a good job. Also, if you're savvy, you can get the stuff that's made better, solid wood not MDF, proper fixings etc. Afterall, all wooden furniture was flat pack at one point
  2. Well, are you explaining it as a CRT, or 'y'know, one of them giant old screens'?
  3. Hey, you guys ever seen one of those prehistoric save icons in real life? apparently they're like the cloud but you can take it with you! how cool!
  4. Nothing says well balanced party like two paladins smiting people. Kicking open the doors and bellowing, HELLO, DO YOU HAVE A MOMENT TO TALK ABOUT MY LORD AND SAVIOUR KORD THE STORMBRINGER? No? Shame. STAB.
  5. being generous with fuel weights and driver weights, and using 600kg as the vehicle weight, that's 270hp/tonne. That's almost as much as a Ferrari 550...or a BMW E60 M5... Holy balls.
  6. Just to let you guys know, we are aware of the sudden influx of spambots and are taking steps to prevent it. Please just hit 'report post' and flag it as spam for us, and we'll sort it as soon as we can.

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      Which news page?

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      NM. I see it's all been removed now.

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  7. I'd like more cores because I'd like to get into virtualisation a bit. I'll be keeping an eye on ram prices through as that's that limiting factor at the moment. When ryzen 2 chips launch hopefully the current generation will drop in price a bit and I'll be able to snap up a bargain.
  8. Second session of our DnD campaign last night. Killed some skeletons. Overheard some nefarious plots. Found an NPC that my character has history with, killed some other guys, and apparently someone killed a book... It was an evil book though...
  9. maybe try uninstalling and reinstalling the game?
  10. So. Looking to upgrade the spine of my system in the next year sometime. Currently on an i7-760, first gen. Will need new cpu, mobo, ram and case. PSU, GFX and storage are all ok though I'd like m.2 / nvme drives for OS. Leaving towards a ryzen build but no ideas beyond that. Would a higher ryzen 5 perform as well as a lower / midrange ryzen 7? Wrt ram, do I need to get the fastest speed i can or should I get marginally slower stuff and oc it? Ryzen mobos, talk to me. I know all the chip sets take all the cpus, but not sure what the actual difference between them is. Do
  11. Same. Our delivery of parts wasn't delivered. Had to wait for the local trade parts depot to finish loading their vans before we could go and collect, then hardly any customers all day. Plus bitterly cold.
  12. Didn't sound like you were, just pointing out Snocks are like easier to put on and store snow chains. Also. I FIXED THE *fruitcage* MINIDOX KEYBOARDS!
  13. But they're not snow tyres. They're winter tyres. Snow socks should be around 60-80 an axle pair. Depends on the size. But they're only good on snow. Winter tyres are made of a different compound of rubber that grip a lot better than 'summer' tyres when the temperature drops, which is something it does reasonably frequently over here. Plus extra sipes and things that make them very good in the snow as well as the low temp compound. I'll be looking at getting a set of steelies with some winter tyres for my wife's car at some point also. Top tip, look in the summer as by
  14. I went to Hero-Sharks stag do last year.... But.. before that was the last Morning After event in, what, 2013?
  15. Snow appears to have melted away on the main roads. 'Hopefully' should be able to make it into work tomorrow. Shame.
  16. Had the first session of our DnD campaign last night. Was expecting simply hacky slashy gentle introduction. Boom! Betrayal, traps, and Indiana Jones dungeoneering from the get go. LOVE IT.
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