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  1. My answers are easier to understand. Magical wizard zombies ftw! new rant: after drinking half a bottle of vodka last night, i feel more awake and alert this morning that i have done in MONTHS! why?
  2. for big bang read 'let there be light'
  3. spiritually retarded? as opposed to, what, everything happening by pure accident? two random particles of nothing, from nowhere, manage to find each other and collide at a great enough speed to somehow completely create the entire *frootcagio* universe? It's fine if you dont like or agree with Christianity, or Islam, or Buddhism, or any other major organised religion (no, the flying *frootcagio* spaghetti monster does not count), but you dont exactly see me go around insult people for no real reason, do you? Dont tar us all with same brush you narrow minded idiot.
  4. i think i speak for everyone when i say: stfu. todays newer rant: chinese AEGs. where the blazes have they all gone? i was certain only a few months ago most of the main shops restocked, now i cant find a kalash/dboys AKS-74 for love nor money!
  5. to be quite frank, todays rant is you *fruitcage*ers. get over it.
  6. oh god, there goes my overdraft! i'ev been waiting for decent mags for this gun since it came out (about 5 years ago, as i've got the King Arms one!)
  7. what about the people with severe allergies? My wife has a severe nut allergy, and has to carry around an epi-pen (adrenaline shot, very L4D2!) in case she eats one/gets rubbed with one/touches one or somethign by accident. I've done first aid training and *know* that if she didnt have one, and accidentally ate something with nuts in it, she would die. as it stands, the epi pen has only just enough adrenaline to keep the heart going until the ambulance arrives, where they've got MORE adrenaline, and so can get her to a hospital (which has even MORE) and (hopefully) save her life. AFAIK, th
  8. I was watching muse at glasto over the weekend (on the tv). the bassist smoked a pipe while on stage, was very epic. I could get into pipe smoking, i think. Not that i want to, but it seems like a very enjoyable past time. irritation today: work experience. we've got two utter brain-deads in our workshop atm. they've got no clue on what to do, so they just get in the way and slow the technicians up. thank god they're not with me in parts!
  9. how fairly certain are you? know any romans first hand, do you?
  10. perhaps i was joking. perhaps i indicated that by putting a smily at the end of my post.
  11. But you're still evading tax. Address and phone number, please
  12. well, lets look at the statistics, shall we? how many murders does the 'average' human commit? none (you could probably set the average at something stupid like 0.005%, but wheres the fun in that?). so by killing 12 people, thats a 1200% percent increase above the average murdering quota for a human. Thats pretty much mass murder to me. Then again, i dont give a flying *suitcase* either way.
  13. with regards to the whole mutant killer fox thing, doesn't anyone else find it a bit fishy? personally i think its far more likely the kids got bitten/attacked by a dog than a fox, and the parents are just saying it was a fox in order to keep their/a friends dog alive. With regards to the fox that was caught and 'humanely' put down on their property, how was it proved that that was the fox that attacked the kids? dont get me wrong, i'm not advocating 'innocent until proven guilty' for animals, but even i can see the logic in making sure you're killing the *right* fox, and not leavin
  14. if you were seriously considering airsoft as a hobby, then making 100 posts wouldnt seem like that big of a deal to you. Not that many people would sell you an RIF anyway, without proof of defence. Please stop trying to break the law on our forums.
  15. I had a pretty good experience at school, only really having one issue with a teacher, who insisted on me being put in set 3 out of 5 for English. set 1 for genius', set 5 for people who can't read/write. So, while theoretically it wasn't a BAD set, i was stuck with people who weren't confident reading, OR writing, some had dyslexia (and by no means am i saying people with dyslexia are stupid, the people that were in that set were), and if we're being honest, i was a lot better than that set. I was put in there because my writing is messy, and when i have to hand write things, i'm very slo
  16. wasnt there a problem a while ago with the xe.com plugin/link causing some issues? vaguely remember that...
  17. If you're getting a virus warning message pop up on arnies, probably means you've already got a virus. download Avast and run a full scan, then spyware search and destroy.
  18. buy a car rant: cheap cars bought my car for £50. laugh all you want, but i've been using it for best part of 4 months now, and its brilliant. squeaky heater fan but nothing dangerous. now, after wondering why my brake fluid was leaking (had to keep topping it up every week or so) and the nearside front of the car was making an ominous squeaking noise, i decided to stick it up on a ramp one lunch time and have a look. nearside front shock absorber: leaking nearside rear wheel brake cylinder: leaking offside rear handbrake cable: not working all rear brake shoes
  19. Guzzi, dont blame the parts man. If its an old bike, chances are they wont keep parts for it anymore. be lucky they even make parts for it nowadays! most car manufacturers start making parts obsolete 10 years after they stop selling the car, sometimes even less.
  20. has anyone tried other browsers using the same rendering engines as others? i know sleipnir uses the IE rendering engine. what about safari?
  21. Just tried again on IE 7. acres of white space, but only on marlowe and arnies posts, so must be something to do with the admin badge/member group rendering wrong. as usual, displays fine (and a lot faster) on chrome.
  22. I had this problem, marlowe's and arnie's posts stretching everything. Must be something to do with them being admins. fixed it easily enough, though. Installed chrome. Was using IE7, which i think may be rendering things wrong. try firefox/chrome/a different browser
  23. http://posp.ru/4x24m.html or that one, which is the one i've got. and, for what its worth, the correct recticule for the SVD $179 USD delivered, too. bargain. anybody had any luck finding spare parts for this? i've a King Arms/A to Z caro one and i need a new hop unit
  24. firefox working fine here. must be a problem with your install.
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