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  1. First impressions>> well the box is plain and boring, and the gun is held in with cable ties, although its crude its effective. The box being plain doesnt bother me at all. When i lifted the gun out i though," nice" it has a nice weight to it, slightly more than a marui mp5, but not as much as a classic army mp5. no creaks or movement, very solid gun. Performance>> iv been skirmishing a fair few times with this gun, put about 25,000 rounds through it so far. It shoots like a dream..... off an 8.4v battery it was doing about 17 rounds per second. and has an accur
  2. UTG ak47 with bodged sattelite sling, and ICS mp5a4 with scope and ris mounted torch
  3. My ICS mp5a4, with 3-9x 40 scope and random torch
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