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  1. My first saw :) nice and heavy too for an airsoft gun, might repaint it but its nicely worn in. What you's think?? Need a few dummy rounds and painted scope


    Mate, if you wanna go realistic looking, remove the burlap from the barrel. On a real one that would be a fire hazard!

  2. Fenneo as others have said, it looks good.  I'd like to see the finished shoulder pads though before commiting to purchase one!  I assume you will be just padding them and not recreating the rubber pads on the shoulders?


    I've seen bike tyre sewn to the shoulder to replicate the stock pad.

  3. looks awesome wasted.


    Thanks fella.


    Great stuff Joe! :D


    Gotta ask though, why the upside-down grenade pouches on the leg rig?


    Basically for ease of access. Also, they won't interfere with the pistol pouches. :D


    What preytell is in the AK47 Chest rig mag pouches? Going to carry an AK too and just weigh yourself down that much more? ;)


    You'll never guess...











    M4 mags of course! :o


    I'll be trying out the whole kit this weekend.

  4. Ya know what Joe? Bond was telling the truth when he said you put loadouts together when you are sick! Thats two loadouts in a couple days! Very nice though. If you do go to Op: Obsidian Dawn use that loadout, would fit in perfect


    LOL. Its for Battle For Tolland III.


    KICK-*albatross* loadout!





    Thanks, mate.


    Jesus wasted how do you move? lol


    Pretty easily :)


    You just suck more when you wear all that.


    You suck harder! ;)

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